WWE Vs. TNA: Dream Card No. 6

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

WWE & TNA Presents "Summer Bash" (8-23-09)

This PPV is like WWE's Summerslam and WCW's Bash at the Beach where as this PPV is the "Biggest Party of the Summer."


Match No. 1

Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship

Petey Williams vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Jay Lethal

This match starts off at a very fast pace. The TNA alumnus, Lethal, & Petey would soon team up and begin to take out Benjamin. After throwing Benjamin out of the ring, Petey and Lethal begin to fight it out.

Petey and Lethal begin to have a back and forth match up. Lethal would somehow counter Petey and hit the Lethal Combination on Petey. Lethal goes for the pin but Petey kicks out. Lethal then goes up top to deliver a elbow drop.

As Lethal leaps now, Petey moves out of the way and Lethal crashes into the mat. When Lethal gets up, Petey rolls his hands to signal for the Canadian Destroyer. When Lethal turns around, Petey kicks Lethal and put him in the Canadian Destroyer position.

Before Petey can pull it off, Benjamin slides back in the ring and hits Petey in the back.

Benjamin then throws Petey's shoulder into the ring post and Petey falls out of the ring and onto the floor. Benjamin then turns his attention on Lethal. Benjamin begin to wear down Lethal with a sleeper hold. Lethal then makes it to the rope causing Benjamin to break the hold.

As Benjamin sets Lethal up for the Paydirt, Lethal counters and hits another Lethal Combination but this time on Benjamin. As Lethal goes for the pin, Petey pulls Lethal off Benjamin to the outside. Petey then back drops Lethal on the floor and goes back into the ring.

When Petey enters the match, Benjamin nips up and hits the T-Bone Suplex on Petey. But Petey is able to kick out after the pin attempt by Benjamin.

Benjamin then sets Petey on the top turnbuckle and hits a belly to belly off the top rope. Benjamin goes for another cover but Petey kicks out.

Benjamin then stands up to deliver a superkick to Petey. But as Petey gets up, he ducks the superkick and kicks Benjamin in the gut when he turns around. Petey then hits the Canadian Destroyer on Benjamin but is too weaken to go for a pin.

So therefore, both Benjamin and Petey are both laid out on the mat. Lethal is able to get up and he climbs to the top rope.

Lethal jumps and hits the elbow drop on Benjamin. Lethal goes for the pin but Petey interrupts the count. Petey then tries to hit the Canadian Destroyer on Lethal but Lethal counters and back drops Petey over the top rope and onto the outside. Then somehow Benjamin gets up and hits the Paydirt on Lethal to get the win and retain the U.S. Title.


Match No. 2

Extreme Rules Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship

Team 3D vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase

Before the match, the referee banned Randy Orton and Johnny Devine from ringside so this match could be two on two. Rhodes and Dibiase weren't wearing their regular wrestling tights. They were wearing blue jeans, cowboy boots, and with their hands taped. They were really ready for this Extreme Rules Match against Team 3D.

After being introduced first, Rhodes and Dibiase attack Team 3D during their entrance. They soon hit Team 3D with trash cans on the ramp way. 

Rhodes and Dibiase tries to hit Team 3D with the trash cans again but Team 3D counters with a pair of low blows on Dibiase and Rhodes.

Team 3D then deliver trash can shots of their own to Dibiase and Rhodes. They then bring back Rhodes and Dibiase back to ringside and toss Rhodes and Dibiase back into the ring.

Team 3D then looks under the ring to bring in weapons. They bring in chairs, kendo sticks, more trash cans, trash can lids, and also a table. When Team 3D places the table on the apron, Rhodes and Dibiase double team and baseball slides the table back into the faces of team 3D. Rhodes and Dibiase then goes outside and tosses Team 3D into the crowd.

Rhodes has Bubbah Ray while Dibiase has DeVon. The four begin to fight in the crowd for a good 10 minutes. After the ten minutes, Rhodes and Dibiase begin to bring Team 3D back to the ring.  

They then hit Team 3D with all of the weapons Team 3D brought into the ring earlier in the match. Team 3D then somehow turn the tables around and they begin to take control of the match.

After hitting the Whats Up on Rhodes, DeVon brings in a table and sets it up in the ring. As they prepare to 3D Rhodes through the table, Dibiase comes in and hits DeVon and Bubbah Ray with a steel chair.

Dibiase and Rhodes then double suplex DeVon through the table. They go for the cover but Bubbah Ray interrupts the count.

Bubbah Ray then throws Rhodes over the top rope and hits the Bubbah Bomb on Dibiase. DeVon gets up and brings in another table.  DeVon then sets up the table in the ring and prepares to 3D Dibiase with it.

When Dibiase gets up, DeVon and Bubbah Ray 3D's Dibiase through the table and wins the match and become the new TNA Tag Team Champions.


Match No. 3

X-Division Championship

Evan Bourne vs. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Its Daniels' BME (Best Moonsault Ever) versus the spectacular Shooting Star Press of Evan Bourne. After Bourne won the X-Division Title from Alex Shelly, Christopher Daniels came out on IMPACT!, threw away the Curryman gimmick, and returned as the Fallen Angel and challenged Bourne for the Title and Bourne accepted.

The match starts out as a chain wrestling like bout until Daniels throw Bourne outside the ring. Daniels then whips off the ropes and dives through the ropes and hits Bourne on the outside.

Daniels then scoop slams Bourne on the outside and stands up on the apron of the ring. With Bourne laying on the floor, Daniels jumps off the apron and hits a leg drop on Bourne on the outside. Daniels then throws Bourne back in the ring and goes for a pin but Bourne kicks out.

Daniels then picks Bourne up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Daniels then apply the abdominal stretch on Bourne. After a minute or so in the stretch, Bourne is able to get out of it after hip tossing Daniels. Bourne is able to then turn this match into his favor by hitting clotheslines and dropkicks to Daniels.

Bourne then applies an abdominal stretch on his own but Daniels is able to get to the ropes. Bourne then snap suplexes Daniels to set Daniels up for the shooting star press. When Bourne tries to hit the shooting star, Daniels rolls out of the way and Bourne hits nothing but mat. Daniels then gets up and kicks Bourne out out of the ring and onto the floor.

Daniels then goes outside and slams Bourne onto the steel barricade wall back first three times. Daniels then whips Bourne into the steel steps and then throws Bourne back into the ring. Daniels attempts the cover but Bourne gets a shoulder up.

After inflecting more damage onto the back on Bourne, Daniels sets up Bourne on the top turnbuckle and hits a hurricanrana to Bourne off the top rope. Daniels then drags Bourne by the corner to deliver the BME. Daniels is able to hit the BME and goes for the pin but surprisingly Bourne kicks out. Daniels goes for two more covers but Bourne still kicks out.

Then Daniels set Bourne up to deliver the Death Valley Driver but Bourne counters and rolls up Daniels into a pin attempt but Daniels rolls out. Bourne then gets up and delivers a standing huricanrana on Daniels and goes for another pin but Daniels kicks out again.

Daniels then sets up and hits Bourne with a hard clothesline. Daniels then sets Bourne on the top rope to deliver a a superplex but Bourne counters and throws Daniels off the turnbuckle. Bourne then stands up and scores with his Shooting Star Press. Bourne goes for the cover but Daniels gets a foot on the rope.

Bourne in disbelief that Daniels didn't stay down, he goes back up top to deliver another Shooting Star Press but Daniels follows and tries for another superplex. But Bourne is able counter Daniels again and sunset flips Daniels into a pin and finally gets the 1-2-3 after 39 minutes of exhaustion.


Match No. 4

WWE Women's Championship

Beth Phoenix vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor Wilde comes out fighting her butt off but Beth is able to stop Taylor in her tracks with her much bigger and stronger size. Beth begins to hurt on Taylor and targets the back of Taylor.

Beth hits a back breaker on Taylor but just sets Taylor on her knee and begins to torque on the back of Taylor. Taylor doesn't submit but Beth lets her go. Beth then goes for the pin but Taylor gets a shoulder up.

Beth then picks Taylor up and hard irish whips into the corner and back drops Taylor onto the mat. Beth then applies a Camel Cluth on Taylor but Taylor somehow makes it to the bottom rope. Beth then starts to pick up Taylor but Taylor fights back with punches and kicks to the gut of Beth.

Taylor is then able to hit a dropkick but Beth is still standing up. Taylor then goes up top and hits a cross body on Beth. Taylor goes for the pin but Beth kicks out overpoweringly. Then as Beth stands up, Taylor hits a standing huricanrana on Beth. Taylor goes for another pin but Beth kicks out.

Taylor then tries to go for a suplex but Beth counters and hits a suplex of her own on Taylor. However, as Beth goes for the cover Awesome Kong comes out and distracts Beth.

Taylor then gets to her knees and rolls up Beth for a pin. But Beth kicks out and hits Taylor with a big boot. Then as Beth stares at Kong, Beth puts Taylor into the powerbomb position and hits Taylor with a thundering powerbomb. Beth gets the win and retains the Women's Title. Kong then walks up but still staring back as Beth as she walks off camera.


Match No. 5

No Disqualification Match

"Doctor of Thuganomics" John Cena vs. "The Monster" Abyss

John Cena seeks revenge on Abyss for what happened in the Parking Lot Brawl last month. After Abyss makes his entrance, Cena makes his. Cena then stares down Abyss from the top of the ramp way but then Cena starts running and enters the ring.

Cena and Abyss then starts to have a back and forth slugfest. As Cena whips off the ropes, Abyss hits Cena with a big boot. Abyss then tries to chokeslam Cena but Cena counters with a kick to the gut. Cena then whips off the ropes and hits the throw back on Abyss. Cena goes for the pin but Abyss kicks out.

Cena then tosses Abyss on the outside. Cena prepares to whips Abyss but Abyss reverses and whips Cena into the barricade wall ribs and chest first. Abyss then grabs the steel steps and hits Cena with them.

Cena now starts to bleed with the first eight minutes of the match. With Cena leaned up against the barricade wall, Abyss starts to deliver fury punches to the head of Cena. Abyss then throws Cena back into the ring.

Abyss begins to bring the steep steps too but Cena dropkicks the steel steps back into the face of Abyss and Abyss falls onto the floor on the outside. Cena does that isn't in his proceedure and that is he cross bodies over the top rope and hits Abyss on the outside.

Cena throws Abyss' head into the steel ring post. Cena then slams Abyss's head in the announce table. With Abyss laid out, Cena starts to clear off the announce table.

When Abyss gets up, Cena puts Abyss in the FU position but Abyss counters the FU and chokeslams Cena through the announce table. Abyss rolls Cena back into the ring and attempts the cover. Cena is able to kick out though.

Abyss begins to punish the back of Cena and even bringing in a steel chair and hitting Cena in the back with it for the next six or seven minutes. Abyss then suplexes Cena onto the chair but Cena gets a shoulder up after a pin attempt by Abyss.

Abyss then sets the chair on the chest on Cena and whips off the ropes. Abyss the tries to jump onto Cena but Cena gets the chair up and Abyss hits the chair nuts first. Cena gets uo and delivers a pair of clotheslines to Abyss followed by a dropkick.

With Abyss on his knees, Cena goes up top and delivers a leg drop to the back of the head of Abyss. Cena goes for the pin but Abyss gets a shoulder up. With Abyss stands up, Cena delivers that spin out powerbomb and sets Abyss up in the "5 Knuckle Shuffle" position.

Cena hits the "5 Knuckle Shuffle" Cena then nips up and starts to pump up his tennis shoes signally the FU is coming.

When Abyss stands up again, Cena tries to hit the FU again but Abyss counters and shoves Cena into the ropes and hits the Black Hole Slam on Cena. Abyss goes for the pin but Cena is able to kick out.

Abyss gets up all raged that Cena didn't stayed down and goes outside. Abyss looks under the ring and grabs the bag of thumb tacks and throws the bag in the ring.

In the ring, Abyss opens up the bag of tacks and spreads them on the mat. Abyss then picks up Cena and whips him into the ring to Black Hole Slam Cena into the tacks.

As Abyss tries to Black Hole Slam Cena onto the tacks, Cena counters Abyss into the FU position and FU's Abyss into the thumb tacks. Cena goes the pin and gets the win over "The Monster."


Match No. 6

Intercontinental Championship

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho got this IC title Match after defeating Batista on RAW in a No. 1 Contender's Match. Jericho is looking to become the first man to win the IC 9 times. Jericho already hold the record for being the only eight-time IC champion.

Jericho and Joe starts the match very back and forth. With Jericho using forearm shots and Joe using kicks to the legs of Jericho. Joe begins to get the upper hand and starts to deliver numerous chops and kicks to Jericho.

Joe then whips Jericho off the ropes and hits a quick arm drag on Jericho then locks in an arm bar on Jericho. Jericho is able make it to the ropes and counter Joe with chops of his own. Jericho then gets a head of steam and clothesline Joe over the top rope.

Jericho then runs and leaps over the top rope and onto Joe. Jericho begin to deliver more chops to the chest of Joe then whips Joe into the steel ring steps. Jericho then throws Joe back into the ring.

While back in the ring Jericho begins to work on the leg of Joe. Jericho tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho but Joe counters and shoves off Jericho.

With Jericho in the corner, Joe gets up and delivers knee chop to Jericho in the corner followed by another kick to the back of Jericho's head. Jericho then falls to the mat, Joe locks in the cross face on Jericho.

Jericho, after being locked in the cross face, crawls and barely makes it to the rope.

Jericho then rolls outside but as he goes outside, but as he does, Joe whips off the ropes and dives through the ropes and hits Jericho. Joe then slams Jericho's head on the ring apron then rolls Jericho back into the ring. Joe goes for the pin but Jericho kicks out.

Joe then sets Jericho on the top turnbuckle to deliver the Muscle Buster but Jericho fights Joe off and hits Joe with a missile dropkick. When Joe stands up, Jericho whips off the ropes and hits Joe with a running bulldog. Jericho then scores with the lion sault but Joe is able to get a shoulder up after the pin by Jericho.

Jericho then goes back up top to try and hit Joe with a cross body. But Joe catches Jericho in mid air and suplexes him onto the mat.

As Joe picks up Jericho, Jericho counters and locks in the Wall of Jericho on Joe. After 58 seconds in the Walls, Joe makes it to the rope. Jericho drags Joe back to the middle of the ring while still having the Walls locked in.

However, Joe is able to roll on his back and gets a small cradle on Jericho but Jericho kicks out. Jericho gets up and tries to hit Joe with a running clothesline but Joe ducks and gets behind Jericho. Joe then locks in the chokehold on Jericho in the center of the ring and after 66 seconds in the choke, Jericho taps out.


Match No. 7

No. 1 Contender's Match with Jeff Jarrett as the Special Guest Referee

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

We get to see a Wrestlemania 21 rematch except with the "King of the Mountain" being the referee. At first Angle seem skeptical about Jarrett as the ref but as the match progresses Angle forgets about Jarrett and only focuses on HBK.

For the first 10 minutes of the match, Angle and HBK resume the same kind of match they had at Wrestlemania 21 and at Vengeance in 2005. After neither one could get the upper hand, HBK clothesline Angle out and over the top rope.

HBK then gets on the top rope and hits a moonsault onto Angle on the outside. As both men gets up, HBK begin to dash towards Angle but Angle catches HBK and belly to belly suplexes HBK and HBK hits back first on the steel barricade wall. Angle then grabs HBK and rolls him back into the ring.

Angle goes for the pin but HBK kicks out. Angle begin to wear down Michaels more and adding more damage to the back of HBK. Angle even hits a powerbombs HBK into the turnbuckle but HBK still kicks out of the pin attempt by Angle. But after Angle hits his 3 German suplexes, Angle takes down his wrestling straps and head up top to deliver a moonsault.

As Angle hits the moonsault, HBK gets his knees up and Angle hits the knees of HBK. HBK then gets up and runs towards Angle but Angle counters and side steps HBK over the top rope. But Michaels hang on to the top rope and then skins the cat back into the ring. Angle then runs towards Angle but HBK backdrops Angle over the top rope and onto the outside.

HBK goes on the apron and spring boards off the ropes and hits Angle on the outside. HBK then grabs Angle and tosses him in the ring. HBK goes for the cover but Angle gets a shoulder up. HBK then goes up top to hit the elbow drop.

HBK hits the elbow drop on Angle and then nips up to warm up Sweet Chin Music. As HBK tries to hit Sweet Chin Music, Angle blocks the kick and locks in the Angle Lock on HBK.

After screaming in pain, HBK is able to roll out of the Ankle Lock but in doing so, HBK rolls Angle and Angle rolls right into Jarrett. HBK then gets and tries to hit another Sweet Chin Music. But Angle ducks the kick and hits the Olympic Slam on HBK.

Angle goes for the cover but Jarrett is still out and can not count the shoulders of HBK. Angle then picks up Jarrett and Jarrett and Angle begin to have stern word for one another. 

Angle then slaps Jarrett in the face but before Jarrett can return the favor, HBK gets a roll up on Angle but Angle kicks out. Angle gets up to deliver a running clothesline but Michaels ducks and Angle hits Jarrett with the clothesline. Jarrett then rolls outside.

Michaels and Angle begin to slug it out in the ring with Jarrett out. As Angle tries to hit another Olympic Slam, HBK counters and hits Sweet Chin Music on Angle. HBK goes for the cover but Jarrett is still laid out.

As HBK stand up, Angle locks in a sudden Ankle Lock on HBK, after 72 seconds in the Ankle Lock, HBK taps out but Jarrett is still out. Angle then, however goes outside and brings in a steel chair.

Just before Angle hits HBK with the chair, Jarrett comes back into the ring and takes the chair away from Angle. Angle begin to have stern words with Jarrett and even spits in Jarrett's face. 

After taking all that he can take, chair swings the chair to hit Angle with it but Angle ducks and Jarrett hits HBK with the chair. Angle then goes for the cover but Jarrett is hesitant to count. But Jarrett does count the three and Angle becomes the No. 1 contender.

When Angle walks out of the ring, Jarrett begins to stare down Angle. But as Jarrett turns around, HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Jarrett to lay Jarrett out for the chair shot HBK suffered from Jarrett which costed HBK the match.


Match No. 8

WWE Championship

Triple H vs. Sting 

A match we only saw the beginnings of at last month in the first ever Steel Asylum Elimination Chamber Match. Before Sting and Triple H get things underway, they have a face to face stare down in the middle of the ring.

Triple H strikes first with a right hand followed by kicks to the gut of Sting. Triple H whips Sting off the ropes to back drop Sting but Sting counters and sets Triple H for the Scorpion Death Drop. Triple H then counters the Death Drop and hits a suplex on Sting.

Triple H attempts the cover but Sting kicks out. Triple H then begin to work on the leg of Sting.

After hammering the leg of Sting for about seven minutes, Triple H rolls outside and drags Sting's leg to the steel ring post. Triple H then wraps Sting's leg with two vicious shots to the ring post. Triple H then locks in the figure four leg lock on Sting using the ring post.

After breaking the figure four leg lock at a count of four, Triple H rolls back into the ring. With Sting lying on the mat, Triple H delivers a knee drop to the head and skull of Sting. Triple H goes for the pin but Sting kicks out. Triple H then gets up and prepares to deliver a Pedigree to Sting.

After a kick to the gut, Triple H puts Sting in the Pedigree position but Sting counters and rolls Triple H on his back. Sting then tries to go for the Scorpion Death Drop but Triple H counters and kicks Sting out of the ring. Triple H follows and whips Sting into the steel ring steps. Triple H then clears off an announce table.

Triple H grabs Sting and tosses him on top of the announce table. Triple H gets on top and tries to hit the Pedigree to Sting through the table. But Sting counters again and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock to Triple H on the top of the announce table. Sting releases the hold and throws Triple H back into the ring before the 10 count.

Sting begin to wear down Triple H more for the next ten minutes. Sting then drops Triple H on the top turnbuckle and delivers a superplex to Triple H from the top rope. Sting goes for the pin but Triple H gets a shoulder up. As Triple H gets up, Sting dropkicks Triple H but Triple H counters the kick and sets in an old school Indian Death Lock on Sting.

Sting screams in pain but barely makes it to the rope. Triple H then gets up and whips Sting off the ropes and delivers a spine buster. Triple H goes for a pin but Sting kicks out. Triple H then picks Sting up but Sting counters with kicks to the gut and then whips Triple H in the corner.

With Triple H in the corner, Sting delivers two Stinger Splashes. Triple H all senseless comes out of the corner and Sting drops Triple H on the mat and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock.

After 61 seconds in the Scorpion, Triple H finally makes it to the rope. After making it to the rope, Triple H stands up. After Triple H stands up, Sting whips off the ropes and dashes towards Triple H. But Triple H stops Sting with a kick to Sting's gut and scores with a Pedigree to Sting. Triple H goes for the pin but shockingly Sting gets a shoulder up.

As Triple H pleads to the ref, Sting pops up and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Triple H. Sting goes for the pin but Triple H too gets a shoulder up.

Sting then tries to lock the Scorpion Death Lock again but Triple H kicks Sting and shoves him into the ring ropes. Triple H then gets up and hits another Pedigree to Sting. Triple H gets the win and retains the WWE Title.


Match No. 9

Last Ride Match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship

Undertaker vs. AJ Styles

The rules to a Last Ride Match is that there is hearse set up in the entrance and whoever puts their opponent in the hearse and close the door wins the match. Sending their opponent for the Last Ride!

Undertaker starts this match like their last encounter. Just dominating and overpowering AJ in the early going for about the first five minutes of the match. And after Undertaker wrenches on the arm of AJ, 'Taker walks the top rope and hits Old School on Undertaker.

'Taker then drags AJ to the apron of the ring and delivers a huge leg drop to Styles on the apron of the ring. 

Undertaker then lifts AJ up on the outside but AJ counters and whips Undertaker knees first into the steel ring steps. AJ then drags Undertaker to the announcer's table and slams 'Taker's head three to four times into the table.

AJ then begins to clear off the announce table. But as AJ lifts 'Taker up, 'Taker counters and whips AJ into the barricade wall. 'Taker then throws AJ back into the ring but before, Undertaker brings in with him a steel chair.

Undertaker swings the chair and hits AJ with the most hardest of chair shots which bust opens AJ. 'Taker now just begin to beat on AJ for the next ten to twelve minutes.

After beating AJ up, 'Taker grabs the chair and as he prepares to hit AJ with it again, AJ nips and and Pele Kicks the chair back into the face of Undertaker. 'Taker falls back outside of the ring and now begins to bleed.

As 'Taker stands up on the outside, AJ jumps onto the top rope and leaps onto the Undertaker, But the Undertaker catches AJ and Last Rides him through the cleared off announce table. After hitting the Last Ride, 'Taker points at the hearse signally the end is near.

"taker then lifts up AJ and starts walking to the hearse. When near the hearse, AJ wiggles off the shoulders of Undertaker and throws 'Taker's head into the back windshield of the hearse. After slamming 'Taker's head into the windshield, AJ brings 'Taker back to the ring.

After tossing Undertaker back into the ring, AJ hops onto the top rope and hits Undertaker with forearm smash from the top rope. AJ then goes back up top to hit another forearm smash but as leaps down, 'Taker catches AJ and hits a chokeslam.

Undertaker then lifts AJ up to deliver a Tombstone but AJ counters and hits the Styles Clash on 'Taker. AJ then gets up and positions the steel chair that Undertaker brought into the match and sets the chair in the middle of the ring.

AJ then picks back up 'Taker and hits another Styles Clash but this time on the steel chair. AJ then rolls 'Taker out of the ring and drags the Phenom towards the hearse.

AJ opens up the door to the hearse but 'Taker counters AJ by grabbing AJ's throat and throws AJ on the top of the hearse.

Undertaker hops on the hearse as well and Undertaker and AJ begin to brawl on top of the hearse. AJ starts to get the upper hand and when he is about to deliver another big right hand, Undertaker ducks the right hand and when AJ turns around Undertaker Tombstones AJ on the top of the hearse.

Undertaker then drags AJ off the hearse and throws AJ in the back of the hearse and closes the door. Not only does the Undertaker win the match and retains his TNA Title but he also sends AJ on his Last Ride!


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