The Showdown: Who Is The Current Top Heel?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 24, 2009

Behaving in an immoral manner, breaking rules or otherwise taking advantage of their opponents outside the bounds of the rules of the match.

This is known in the Pro Wrestling world as a Heel.

The term "heel" is most likely is derived from a slang usage of the word that first appeared around 1914, meaning "contemptible person."

Common heel behavior includes cheating to win, attacking other wrestlers backstage, interfering with other wrestlers' matches, insulting the fans (referred to as cheap heat), and acting in a haughty or superior manner.

Now that we have went through that little review lesson of a Heel let me introduce you to The Showdown.

When you think of great heels you think of a list of names that can go on and on. But a new generation of great heels have risen to take the crown of king of heels.

Triple H held the crown for a long and I mean long time but it looks like the torch may be passing down to none other Randy Orton.

Randy Orton has all the tools to be the top heel, he has the sick, twisted and backstabbing mentality.

But wait, we can crown him yet as there is another outlaw breaking all the rules to get to the top.

"Rated R Superstar" Edge has grown to be a very great heel, not only that he is a popular heel who brings heat to every match. What can be better that that Randy Orton has all the tools but so does Edge.

Edge looks to be taken fool advantage of those tools, Edge has went on to become a 8 time World champion.

Cant say that for Mr. RKO Randy Orton. But who am I to decide who should be the King of Heels?

So what I did was I sat down with the two egoistical superstars so they can make their statement on why they should be the heel of all heels.



Tyler- It is a great pleasure having both of you join me in The Showdown today.

Edge- You're damn right. I can't believe I even have to plead my case we all know who the top guy is.

Randy- Yes, yes we do Edge, and you're sitting right next to him. Edge, without me, you would be nothing and I mean nothing.

Edge- Ha ha are you serious I think you should get back on your medication there, as the Rated R Superstar makes ratings people are right sex sells but guess what Edge sells better.

Tyler- Okay guys you will both get your chances to speak and plead your case and since Edge you started speaking first Randy gets to go first.

Randy-  Thank you what can I say everyone saw what I did last night on Raw. I destroyed the man who you so call claim the king of heels right now.

Not only that his wife will be dreaming of me laying the lips of glory down on hers. Hey Trip, don't be surprise if she starts calling you Randy ha any time soon.

Not only that I am in Triple H's head, I am taking the tools he taught me while in Evoulution and using them against him. I learned from two of the direst wrestlers in the history of this business but I am better than what they will ever be.

And to top that off unlike my past companion sitting next to me, I will be walking out of WrestleMaina 25 with gold around my waste.

Tyler- Okay Edge your turn.

Edge- Ha you got to be kidding me.

Randy you are no where near the level I am on your not the only one who fooled Mr. Triple H. I been there and done that...

Randy interrupts- Yeah and how that work out, he beat you for the belt.

Edge- Yes he did win that belt, but look what I ending up walking out with at the end of the the night. Randy you are so dumb I can do what I want when I want my wife is the GM, who I very much love.

Randy- Ha yeah that sounds like another story I know cough cough (Triple H), Yeah just for you to get on top I wonder how long that will last. Oh yeah haven't you realized she is looking for bigger meat now ha if you know what I mean.

Edge- Shut up. I am better than you and you know it. I have gold and you don't and I will beat Big Slow and sir raps a lot Cena and walk out the champ. Any thing you can do I can do better Randy and I cant wait to see you get stomped at WM.

Randy- Well we will see.

Tyler- Thank you both for stopping by it was great having you both. Now it is up to the fans to decide by vote.

Randy- Hey Edge why don't you go to all of their houses and do what you do so you can win this also.

and CUT

Okay, that was the first official installment of my second series "The Showdown," I hoped you enjoyed it and check out for more of the series.