Becomming an MMA Junkie? Here's How To Get Started

Bryan StoneContributor IMarch 24, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 08:  TV Personality Joe Rogan and UFC president Dana White speak onstage during the 4th Annual Spike TV 2006 Video Game Awards held at The Galen Center on December 8, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images for Spike TV)

If you have ever been watching a UFC event or some other MMA bout and wondered what the announcers are talking about, this article may be helpful to you.

I know that I use to be clueless as they would mention the training background, coach, trainer, or training camp that a fighter comes from and wonder who those people were or how to find out information like this.

There are also those times where I find myself around other MMA fans and they start talking about who they think is going to win this bout or that bout and bring up detailed information about the fighters like they are amateur analysts. As I got more and more interested in this sport, I became increasingly interested in learning more about the fighters and the outer landscape and aspects to consider.


I've been wanting to write an article that compiles some of the information I've found over the years which has made me more knowledgeable about the sport and has helped me to speak with more confidence when in a crowd of MMA fans.


I suppose it's just like any other sport, as fans we want to learn facts and figures about our favorite athletes, teams, and other things that are happening.  NFL fans are notorious for knowing who is injured and their team ranking.


I began to get involved in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in early 2006 and became addicted to it after attending my first live event at The Mandalay Bay where I watched Anderson Silva obtain his Middleweight Title belt by defeating the long-standing champion Rich Franklin at UFC 64. As time went on, I started picking up tips and hints from various websites and became more and more versed in the global landscape which is now the fastest growing sport in the world.


Once of the first things I discovered was that I can setup email alerts connected to my Gmail account. I love my Gmail. The spam blocking is the best I've found and I never seem to come close to running out of space. I currently have 2473 emails and am only using 3 percent of my allocated storage. I setup an email alter “UFC” which I was able to dial in to give me a daily email with links to website postings from many different websites.


I know that something as basic is this will not come as news to many of you, but it was probably the most powerful tool I found to get me started. I use to set up alerts for some of my favorite fighters and quickly got to a point where I would receive over 50 emails a day about anything and everything that anyone was posting regarding these subjects. A perfect example of this was my filter of Randy Couture.


After he became the Heavyweight Champ by defeating Tim Silvia at UFC 68, I became obsessed with following him. I was extremely interested in the outcome of his contract negotiations as he aggressively tried to arrange a bout against Fedor. I wasn't along at the time in thinking that this would be the biggest thing to happen to the sport, but after a while I realized that there was more to life then spending two hours reading email every day.


One of the websites that I found along the way were This is a great site for learning about a fighters next bout. They're fighter records aren't completely accurate, but they always seem to have up-to-date information about the next bout for a particular fighter. This is great to know as I often wonder when is so and so going to fight again.


Another great website is They're claim to fame in my eyes is their cutting edge predictions of upcoming fight cards for UFC. They will compile news and rumors about upcoming events and add those to their links as the final cards are put in place. is also a great site if you feel your just not getting enough MMA news and want something more. They regularly have interviews with fighters and other people that are very well know in the sport. It's a great place to find out about news as it happens as you will often hear someone like Dana White discussing his thoughts about a certain fighters status or one of the many controversial events of the day that Dana always seems to have to deal with.


One of the age old questions most fans ask is how particular fighters are ranked worldwide in their perspective weight classes. This is a question that rarely has a single correct answer.


The reason for this is that there are several organizations that house different levels of talent and since we have yet to see an event where the best fighters or belt holders for one organization are put up against the best in another, we have to rely on the collection of ranking websites to make up our own mind.


Nothing seems to be more contested by MMA fans then which fighters deserve to be in the Top 10. My experience has been that there are very few fighters that can truly claim the worldwide No.1 spot in the weight class.


I think most fans would consider Fedor Emelianenko to be the top heavyweight in the world. Anderson Silva is also the person most would consider to be the best middleweight on the planet. George St. Pierre is also probably most people's first choice as the world's best welterweight but there are a few other fighters in other organizations that some fans think could give him a run for his money. In the Bantamweight Division (135 lbs.) most people would say that Miguel Torres (35-1) is the clear leader.


In all of the other weight classes there are either too many other talented fighters in other promotions or the current champ has not defended their belt enough to really be considered the best in the world.


BJ Penn is noticeably the best lightweight in the UFC, but there are three or four lightweight fighters in Japan that have yet to compete against him. Rashad Evans may be the Light Heavyweight titleholder in the UFC and the LHW division in the UFC is comprised of the worlds best, but he has yet to successfully defend his title so it would be hard to say that he is the worlds best.


I'm not going to list any sites that contain world rankings, as I would prefer to have the readers of this article submit their picks. We all have our favorites and I haven't found any single site that appears to be the clear leader. I will list some of the sites that I visit from time to time though. Here are a few of them:


UFC.COM – The obvious home of the largest mma organization in the world.


WEC.TV – This promotion is great because all of their events are on TV and are free (For now).


MMAPAYOUT.COM – Very interesting articles about the business of mma.


FCFIGHTER.COM - I use to think that the database of was the best, but I believe this site is now considered to be an attack site. (At least that's what my computer tells me). Their ranking page appears to be safe and semi-accurate though.


PROELITE.COM – Although Elite XC is gone, there are still other organizations that exist under the Pro Elite banner. King of the Cage schedules are listed and other articles are written as well.


BLOODYELBOW.COM – This site has many articles that I've found very interesting. There's a great video on there right now about choking power where they feature Fedor choking out a dummy.


M-1GLOBAL.COM – There is no debating that they are the only thing that really comes close to competing with UFC. If you want to learn about their organization, you can find it here.


MMAHUNTER.COM – This site can provide you with links, news, and videos.


YOUTUBE.COM – Although not an MMA site, there are a ton of fight videos you can search for if you would like to see how a particular fighter has done in the past.


WORLDMMASHOW.COM – If you really want to get into the sport, you have to attend this event. My last article was about my attendance at the NAMMAE (North American Mixed Martial Arts Expo) and it appears that IMMAE (International MMA Expo) has come to the scene with much more organization and support. They should end up being the clear leader for this type of event.


MIXEDMARTIALARTS.COM – IMMAE uses this site to host it's forum and it is a good site to provide you with information from many different promotions.


BLEACHERREPORT.COM – I couldn't write and submit this article without a little self-promotion.


I look forward to seeing what each of you readers has to add to this article, as I realize there are a ton of sites that I have yet to find. Good hunting and welcome to the world of MMA Junkies.