Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara: Why This Match Should Not Be at Wrestlemania 29

Richard WarrellAnalyst IIDecember 12, 2012


WWE is planning to have Rey Mysterio face off against Sin Cara at WrestleMania 29. This is one of the worst-kept secrets in wrestling, and we all know that unless injury gets in the way, this match is appearing on the card. It was due to happen last year but had to be called off, and we rarely go two months without hearing another "leak" about how the match is happening.

In many ways it makes sense. This is quite possibly Rey Mysterio's swan song, and WWE would like that to happen at the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania. Even if it is not his final match, it is likely his last huge feud as age is slowing the man down in recent years, and he cannot have much time left.

The fact that WWE is wrangling with Mysterio about wanting to extend his contract with the company when it expires is probably part of the company's motivation too—offer him a high-profile storyline to stroke his ego and make him feel important to them, and he will be more likely to stay.

The tag team of Mysterio and Sin Cara has revived Sin Cara's ailing career, and presumably WWE hopes this feud will be a "passing of the torch" where Mysterio puts over Sin Cara to line up Sin Cara's future as one of WWE's major stars. 

I have also heard that WWE hopes to break the world record for the most people wearing a mask in one place by having fans all wear Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio masks during the match in an attempt to help WrestleMania get even more media attention.

Despite all this, however, I think WWE should change their plans and have the match at SummerSlam 2013, not WrestleMania 29.

Why? Well, let us look at four different things: the two men's current partnership, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and how to build the feud.

Their Current Tag Team Is Brilliant

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara make a beautiful partnership. The rookie and the veteran have gelled perfectly, with Sin Cara taking a significant amount of the workload away from his ageing friend's body while Mysterio is hugely over with fans and has much better mic skills than Sin Cara, who barely talks at all.

Why should WWE be in such a hurry to bring that to a close? The tag team division's recent revival is in no small part due to the fact that Rey Mysterio—along with Kane and Daniel Bryan—brings significant star power to the division, which it will need for some time as it continues to build.

It was recently leaked that WWE intends to push Daniel Bryan as a singles star again soon, and that likely means he will exit the tag team scene, making it all the more imperative to keep Mysterio there to anchor it. If the two men become WWE Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania, that would add significantly to the prestige of the title belts, shining a bright spotlight on the division. 

I think having the two men earn an impressive victory together at WrestleMania would be a fitting nod to Mexico's wrestling supremacy, meeting WWE's desire to attract the lucrative Mexican market (vital after Mysterio and Sin Cara's lengthy absence and Del Rio's floundering career). It would also provide both men with a definitive victory to increase their credibility before their feud began.

If you stop and think about it, Mysterio hasn't really had a huge match since he came back, and Sin Cara has yet to have one since WWE did the "Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara" feud, which was against a newcomer, not an established star. Reminding fans of what Mysterio is capable of and continuing Sin Cara's gradual push would be good, I think.

The two men are worth more to WWE together than apart right now. Merchandise sales for both men are high among children, who tend to favour faces over heels. It would make sense to keep them together for WWE's peak season of January-April.

WrestleMania Does Not Need This Feud

WWE seems keen on using Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara as a major publicity gainer with the "most people wearing masks in one place" thing and likely hopes it will finally establish Sin Cara as a singles star.

I doubt that will happen at WrestleMania.

The match would be overshadowed by a card that many are predicting will feature the following lineup of matches:

  • CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
  • John Cena vs. The Rock II
  • Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar II
  • Ryback vs. The Big Show
  • Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

This match would normally be near the top of the mid-card, maybe the third biggest match on a PPV. At WrestleMania 29, it would land in sixth place on the bill at best

This feud could be something special with the right care and attention; those feuds will eat up TV time and the resulting match would likely be pretty short.

Mysterio's value to WWE is as an established veteran, and when Taker, Rock, Lesnar and Triple H are in town, that value diminishes to almost nothing as fans of that older era in WWE's history will already be more than catered to.

The Match Feels Perfect for SummerSlam

WWE likes to compare SummerSlam to WrestleMania, dubbing it "The Biggest Event of the Summer." I have seen it called "the summer version of WrestleMania" by Triple H in interviews.

Well, Hunter, it has not felt like it in a while. The card is usually solid but does not draw nearly as well as it used to while WrestleMania has continued to flourish. 

A marquee matchup between a veteran and a rising star would be a huge addition to bill. The two brightly dressed superstars somehow feel appropriate for the bright, summery aesthetic WWE likes to go for with SummerSlam.

The world record attempt would also suit SummerSlam more. As with the two men's costume styles, it would fit in with the "party" vibe WWE likes to give SummerSlam in promotional material building up to the event. It would also give SummerSlam an interesting hook to advertise to fans. Currently it is not really significantly different from any other pay-per-view despite WWE trying to convince fans otherwise.

SummerSlam also happens to take place in Rey Mysterio's home state of California, not too far from his home city of San Diego. It is relatively near Sin Cara's homeland of Mexico when compared to WrestleMania, which is being held in the Northeast. WWE can hopefully attract more die-hard fans of both men this way.

The longer WWE gives to get Sin Cara over with fans, the bigger this feud will be to them. Not to mention he will have time to develop his lingual skills to make for a better feud. The more important WWE can make this feud, the more money they can make out of it.

The Feud

The typical way wrestling promotions break up a tag team is to have one member of the team grow sick of their partner costing them victories and attacking them out of frustration. That storyline has been done before and it works, but would it not be better to see WWE do something different?

The PPV before SummerSlam is Money in the Bank. The annual pair of Money in the Bank ladder matches are the perfect place for WWE's more athletic stars to flourish and always result in numerous memorable spots. Dangling a prize like a Money in the Bank Briefcase in front of wrestlers, however, is also the perfect way to spark a rivalry between them.

Sin Cara could feel he has finally reached the point where it is time for him to challenge for a world title, which Rey Mysterio has had plenty of opportunities to do in the past. Meanwhile, Mysterio could feel Sin Cara is not actually ready to be a world champion yet (as most fans would also think) and should have let the elder Mysterio take the briefcase.

WWE could begin building the feud in advance of the Money in the Bank match, or they could have the split of the team take place at Money in the Bank. Either way I think fans would know the excitement Mysterio and Sin Cara in proximity to giant ladders could result in, driving up buyrates for that pay-per-view as well.

WWE could even tease the breakup of the team, then have them stay together at Money in the Bank. Maybe Rey Mysterio would win the briefcase, but Sin Cara could ruin his attempts at cashing it in? There really are many options for WWE here, but they can certainly concoct something interesting from it.

Final Thoughts

The post-SummerSlam period is typically WWE's leanest time of the year and having this feud's first clash at SummerSlam would give them the option of extending it through that period if necessary. Numerous huge feuds conclude at SummerSlam; having one extend instead could well work in the company's favour.

Mike Chiari recently wrote a piece discussing if Sin Cara has a future after his involvement with Rey Mysterio (as a tag team partner or opponent) is over. He makes a very valid point as Sin Cara was struggling before the two men paired up. If there is any chance his career will taper off after this, extending the time the tag team are together and extending the length of the subsequent feud makes even more sense.

What are your views? Should Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio go ahead as a match at all? Should it be at WrestleMania 29 or SummerSlam 2013? Well, leave a comment below or tweet me (@TheRamblingElf).


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