2009 Yankee Ticket Prices: You Must Be Joking

BHLCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

Disclaimer:  This isn't so much a news story or an entertaining article, it's more a simple forum for my current complaint of the day. 

As today is the first day for 2009 single game ticket sales at the New Yankee Stadium, I decided to try my luck in the virtual waiting room system by way of Ticketmaster and Yankees.com.

Lady luck is certainly not on my side today, as every time I do succeed in making it past the 10-15 minutes of waiting, there are no seats available in the seating area I chose. 

I have a few complaints here.  1st, you can only select "Best Available" or an individual seating section.  You cannot select a certain price range which encompasses multiple seating sections.  Why is this an issue?  Well, the waiting room process is based on the specific section you select in the search form. 

Should you choose to wait out the 10-15 minutes for the respective section of your choice, and find out post-wait that no tickets are available, you then begin the search process anew.  Forget those 10-15 minutes you just invested.  They have been taken from you, and you receive no credit for them. 

A more efficient searching system wouldn't base your waiting room dedication to just one specific seating area.  This system is clearly not efficient, and I am sure there is some marketing genius behind the design inefficiency which some bogus study probably claimed increases ticket demand and ticket sales.

My second complaint is the presence of a "Best Available" option, which resulted in my search result screen shot in the article heading (ticket price of $2,625 per seat), and the absence of a "Worst Available" option.  Not to mention, in addition to the $2,625 per seat, they slap you in the face with another $59.70 per ticket in "convenience charge."

"Worst Available" would be a tremendous addition to the search functionality.  Who wouldn't want to see the cheapest available seats while only waiting in one virtual waiting room?

Who can realistically afford to spend $2,625 per seat for one baseball game?  Doesn't that seem a bit outlandish, even for the wealthiest of people?

I will not be getting face value, direct from Ticketmaster tickets to Yankee Stadium, as I have now given up in my searching efforts.  Best of luck to everyone else, and I hope my absence from the waiting rooms for the remainder of today will save you a minute or two in total wait time.