Chiefs Will Keep Tony Gonzalez; Not Sure on Larry Johnson and Brian Waters

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

I know it has been so crazy with Chiefs news lately that we haven’t really been able to keep up (ha ha), but Adam Teicher has provided us with some news thanks to his talk with Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt said Monday during a break at the NFL meetings that the Chiefs had decided to hold on to Gonzalez, their longtime Pro Bowl tight end. Hunt also said decisions regarding Johnson and Waters haven’t been made, but added that either or both could return to play for the Chiefs this season.

So on the surface I am really happy, at least about the part where Clark says we are keeping Tony Gonzalez. Maybe Tony G has seen that the Chiefs are heading in a different direction now and wants to be a part of it. But… I can’t help but think this just could be the Chiefs talking the talk, e.g. so they can up Tony’s trade value and if a really sweet deal did come along take it.

Now, with that said why would it make sense in trying to up Tony’s trade value while not making the same about Waters and LJ?  I could understand saying you don’t know if you will trade LJ because honestly his trade value isn’t much right now, but with Waters you would think it would make sense to try to up his trade value (if you really are trying to trade him that is). Maybe the Chiefs staff is trying to send Waters (and other Chiefs players) a message that no matter who you are one player is not great than the team.

Personally I hope we can keep Gonzalez, Waters, and even give LJ a shot with the new staff (maybe their no-nonsense approach will be good for him).

Go Chiefs!

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Chiefs will Keep Tony Gonzalez; Not Sure on Larry Johnson and Brian Waters