The Packers Drafted Who at Defensive End?

andy pechContributor IMarch 24, 2009

BOULDER, CO - OCTOBER 04:  Brian Orakpo #98 of the Texas Longhorns warms up prior to facing the Colorado Buffaloes at Folsom Field on October 4, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado. Texas defeated Colorado 38-14.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

When drafting a defensive player, most teams look at the most solid, accomplished player available. In the end, they most often take the player they are supposed to take, the hyped player, the player who performed well at a big-time program and the player the press says they should take. It is seldom a GM will buck the system even if the system is only right about half of the time.

I have a different take on drafting a defensive player. I say you take the biggest disruptor. You take the guy who will wreak havoc, knock down passes, force fumbles, blow up plays and scare the hell out of your opponent. History tells us the disruptor is the guy you want on defense.

As far as defensive lineman go, you want the biggest, fastest, most long-armed, flat-out animal you can get. This is not always the guy at the top of the list.

So who do I most want the Packers to get if their pick should be a defensive end? Who do I vote as the most likely to disrupt?

Jarron Gilbert of San Jose State.

“Crazy” you say. Look at these numbers.

Gilbert is 6’5” with an incredible wingspan. He weighs 288 pounds, thirty pounds more than the top rated defensive ends and he has the frame to add another twenty. This puts him in the Reggie White build category.

Big and slow?  Aaron Maybin runs a 4.89 forty and Orakpo runs a 4.63 forty. The much bigger Jarron Gilbert runs a 4.76 forty yard dash.

Gilbert is the disruptor, making 22 tackles for a loss in 2008. This guy is a bull-rusher, a speed rusher and a run stopper who is not going to wear down like the smaller ends I have come to dread.

I’m not sure I think the Packers should draft a defensive end. I am sure this is the guy I want them to take if they do. They could even trade down and take Gilbert but I would not even be upset if they took him where they are with the first pick.

Yes, Jarron Gilbert is the defensive end I most want to see in the green and gold come draft day. I put Orakpo's picture on the article because I'm sure you have not seen enough of the guy already.