Kansas City Chiefs: 7 Things That Must Change for Kansas City in 2013

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent IDecember 12, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs: 7 Things That Must Change for Kansas City in 2013

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    With just three games left in the '12 NFL regular season, the Kansas City Chiefs are staring at one of their worst years in franchise history.

    KC is 2-11 and are losers of 10 of its last 11 games overall.

    If there is one thing to take from this season, it is that there are likely to be many changes to not only this roster, but this coaching staff as well this offseason.

    Here are seven changes that the Chiefs need to make next year in order to not only improve this franchise as a whole, but also to restore the hope of a frustrated fanbase.

A New General Manager

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    At the very top of my list for changes that the Chiefs need to make this offseason is a new general manager.

    Scott Pioli has made this team progressively worse in his four-year tenure in Kansas City and has just one playoff appearance to show for it.

    He's also made several big mistakes, including trading for Matt Cassel in the '09 offseason, and has had several failed draft picks as well.

    It's time for Pioli to go, as it has become painfully obvious that KC needs a change at the GM position for 2013 and beyond.

    Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross should be one of the top candidates to replace Pioli this offseason.

A New Set of Quarterbacks

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    Throughout its history, what position has given this franchise more problems then quarterback?

    Not surprisingly, this season has been no different for the Chiefs and their fans.

    As this organization has continued to roll out the over-matched Matt Cassel and former third-stringer Brady Quinn, the offense has turned the ball over at an NFL record-setting rate.

    Not only do the Chiefs need to change their starting quarterback for next year, they need to swap out all three of their QBs that are currently on the active roster and start anew.

    In a league that is dominated by elite quarterbacks, it's time that KC gets caught up with the time and actually drafts and develops a top-tier signal-caller of their own.

    Look for the Chiefs to either select Geno Smith or trade down to take a quarterback in the second round of April's draft, and they might elect to add a proven veteran QB like San Francisco's Alex Smith as well.

A New Head Coach

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    When Romeo Crennel was hired last offseason to become the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, the move looked like a good one at the time.

    After all, Crennel had just led this team to a 2-1 record to end last season as the interim head coach and seemed to be getting the most out of his players in an otherwise dreadful campaign.

    However, it has been a total 180 for Romeo and his troops this year.

    The Chiefs are sitting at 2-11 and have become the laughingstock of the NFL behind their sometimes clueless head coach.

    Crennel is a nice guy who is well-respected around the league, but this franchise needs someone who is younger, tougher on the players and also has a new, fresh perspective on how to be a head coach in today's NFL.

A New Offensive Coordinator

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    The Chiefs made a bold move this past offseason when they went out and hired former Miami offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in the same position.

    Sadly, this move has not paid off for KC.

    Daboll can't seem to figure out how to get the most out of his talent on the offensive side of the ball, and as a result, his team has one of the wost offenses in the league.

    Once again, it's time for a change at another key coaching position for this organization in 2013, and it's imperative they they get the right offensive coordinator in here this time around.

Get Better Depth Along the Offensive Line

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    One of the biggest things that Chiefs GM Scott Pioli harped on when he first got hired in Kansas City was to improve both the offensive and defensive lines.

    After nearly four years on the job, he hasn't done either, especially the O-line.

    Currently, there is little to no depth on KC's offensive line, which was on full display when they had to move guard Ryan Lilja—a veteran guard who had never played center in his career—to full-time center duty after the season-ending injury to Rodney Hudson earlier this year.

    It's imperative that this team drafts and/or acquires at least another center and guard this year, as it currently has no depth at either position.

Improve the Secondary

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    Even though Kansas City has spent a handful of picks on cornerbacks and safeties over the last three drafts, it hasn't equated to a much better secondary on the field.

    Instead, we have seen this defense give up big play after big play, mainly due to some of its defensive picks getting burned on deep passes down the field.

    Simply having Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry on this unit is obviously not enough, as neither of them can atone for the sub-par coverage that many of their secondary teammates have displayed this season.

    One way that it could improve this unit is using its second-round pick on Oregon State's Jordan Poyer in April's NFL draft.

Add Another Pass-Rusher or Two

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    If there is one thing that this defense is lacking, it's a consistent pass rush week in and week out.

    Sure, it already has two guys that excel at getting to the opponent's QB in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, but it clearly needs another dynamic pass-rusher or two to compliment both of these stud linebackers.

    Georgia's Jarvis Jones is easily one of the top pass-rushers in this year's draft class, but he will likely not be drafted Kansas City's first-round selection next year.

    KC needs to target a few players later in the draft or in free agency to help out with this big void on its defense.