Big Show vs Sheamus Will Steal the Show at WWE TLC

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistDecember 10, 2012

Big Show vs Sheamus Will Steal the Show at WWE TLC

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    The chairs match between Big Show and Sheamus will steal the show come next week’s WWE TLC pay-per-view.

    The two men will fight once again for Show’s world heavyweight championship. These two WWE Superstars have already put on two impressive matches. Their upcoming encounter in seven days will be no different.

    Their physical feud has surprised fans with their quality work and backstage skits of both men attacking each other. They’ve done all they can to get the crowd invested, and come Sunday, their work will pay off.

    Let’s take a look at why their upcoming TLC encounter will steal the show this Sunday.

Hell in a Cell

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    Their first bout at October’s Hell in a Cell surprised the wrestling world. In fact, it’s safe to say this match stole the show.

    It was an impressive show of straight brutality and was hard-fought from start to finish. Both men kicked out of each other’s finishing maneuvers. Show’s knockout punch failed. Sheamus’s Brogue Kick failed.

    Show would hit a second punch to once again become champion in a true heavyweight battle.

    As good as that match was, fans had no idea what to expect next.

Survivor Series

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    Their feud leading up to Survivor Series escalated when Show attacked Sheamus and William Regal at a bar in England. Show attacked Regal again, who is friends with Sheamus, to make a point before Survivor Series.

    This melee only added more fuel to their personal rivalry.

    Survivor Series expanded their feud, and both men had a better showing in November’s event. The match ended with Show winning. However, instant replay revealed Show dragging the referee in the way of the Brogue Kick, causing Show to be disqualified.

    Sheamus went on a rampage, hitting Show with multiple steel chairs and a Brogue Kick to top off his assault.

    The feud took its next step towards more heavyweight brutality.

No-Contact Clause

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    Last Friday saw Smackdown GM Booker T implement a no-contact clause. Neither man can attack the other until their bout at TLC.

    Despite the angle’s timing, it’s still an effective stipulation. If either man breaks the clause, both have something to lose. Show could be stripped of his title, while Sheamus could lose his shot at the title.

    The WWE Universe could become more invested in this feud. If these titans keep fighting, the crowd could lose interest. The no-contract clause provides more intrigue while keeping both Show and Sheamus fresh for TLC.

    It was also clever of Show knocking over the table onto Sheamus then signing the contract.


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    Chairs are the weapons of choice for these two men.

    Both men know how to use a steel chair. The fact both Show and Sheamus are in a chairs match will escalate their feud to an extremely brutal match.

    The steel being slammed on top of the back or a gut shot to the ribs will hurt both wrestlers. In fact, Show should know how Sheamus uses chairs. They swing them like the brawlers they are, and you can hear each shot land against their opponent’s backs.

    After their Survivor Series match, Sheamus hit Show with about 30 chair shots. It doesn’t matter how big you are; pain is pain. Show felt each shot.

    Show can swing a chair, too. In fact, this is the second chairs match in a row for Show. He defeated Mark Henry at last year’s TLC event before losing the title to Daniel Bryan.

    When these two swing chairs, you better be not on the receiving end.

The Rest of the Card

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    The rest of the card is ripe for the taking.

    Thanks to CM Punk’s surgery and the lack of title matches, Show and Sheamus have the opportunity to shine. They can and should be the main event for Sunday. But what if they’re not?

    If not, the main event would either be the ladder match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler or the six-man TLC fight between The Shield and Ryback and Team Hell No. If that’s the case, then expect Show and Sheamus to steal the PPV.

    They’re fighting for the World Heavyweight Title. It doesn’t get bigger than this, especially since the WWE Title will not be on the line.

    The stakes are high for both men. They can steal a pay-per-view again, and they’ve done it before. They could’ve stolen Survivor Series if not for the great turnout of matches that night.

    Big Show and Sheamus can and will steal the show at WWE TLC. It’s ripe for the taking.