WWE TLC 2012: Defeating John Cena Will Make Dolph Ziggler a Top Star

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 11, 2012


When Dolph Ziggler squares off against John Cena at the 2012 edition of WWE’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view, there will be more than a Money in the Bank briefcase hanging in the balance.

This will be the most important match of Ziggler’s life, and he must walk away from this event with the biggest win of his career.

The added stipulation of having the briefcase on the line and the fact that Ziggler is squaring off with the top star in the WWE  makes this match the most important on the TLC card, and the likely main event.

With Cena stealing two wins over Ziggler in the build to this match and the company teasing a knee injury to its top star, the stage is set for the young star to get the ultimate rub and beat the 12-time champion without any outside interference.

As much as The Shield costing Cena the win would be a great way to get that trio over, letting Ziggler steal a win in this match—even if he uses a dirty tactic—will be the best way to prove he is ready for the big time.

The visual of Ziggler on top of the ladder with his briefcase and Cena on the mat will be what fans remember moving forward, not his previous losses.

A win over Cena on Sunday puts Ziggler in the main event picture before he ever cashes in the briefcase, effectively giving him the rub to be a viable champion at any point in the future.

While there are still serious questions about when Ziggler will eventually cash in, after he does win the World Championship, the WWE must continue to book him as strongly as it will at TLC.

Ziggler is a heel and loses too well to ever be a consistent winner, but as long as he wins the key matches and looks strong in the spots where it is necessary, he will be a great champion now and in the future.

As for Cena, the WWE Universe should never worry about him. With the Royal Rumble next month and The Rock returning for the WWE title, be on the lookout for Cena to win the Rumble and challenge The Rock at WrestleMania 29.

Ziggler’s heavyweight title fight will likely open WrestleMania.


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