Twitter Reacts to Yet Another Wasted Effort from Detroit Lions

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Twitter Reacts to Yet Another Wasted Effort from Detroit Lions
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At one point during the Sunday Night Football game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, the Lions led 14-0 and Lions fans had reasons to be excited. However, then the Packers took control of the game, outscoring the Lions 27-6 to wind up with a 27-20 victory.

This, of course, led to Twitter reacting in much the same way as Twitter is wont to do, with knee-jerk reactions, displays of emotions and even some curse words (since this is a family website, I won't publish those).

Here's a look at some of those reactions from throughout the game.

One prominent Lions fan in former Fab-Fiver Jalen Rose was excited prior to the game, based off of this tweet:

Also prior to the game, comedian and official John Madden impressionist Frank Caliendo didn't seem so excited about Detroit's chances, and now looks prophetic. 

But as the Lions saw their 14-0 lead slip away, their fans definitely kept their mouths shut. No I'm just kidding, they griped about what could've been, and rightfully so.

Of course some Lions fans do choose to look on the bright side of life.

That is something to be optimistic about, I will give you that.

Jim Rome decided to burn on the Lions with this tweet following the game.

Then, of course, Twitter was filled with tired comments about why they hate the Lions for being a "dirty" team.

Speaking of tired comments, I think I've seen this joke before, only it was about LeBron James prior to last June. So unoriginal.

Now maybe I shouldn't be so self-righteous with that comment, lest they start telling jokes like this about me. It does describe the game well, though.

But whether you love the Lions or hate them, you do have to agree with Alex Marvez that they do sometimes act stupid on the field. Here's Marvez with his commentary during the game.

Let's not forget the gambling implications.

Finally, a quote about the Lions reflecting on their attitude. 

Oh, sorry, apparently those aren't the Detroit Lions. With that, thanks for reading.

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