The Nickel: RAW Rewind: HBK's Mind Games, Y2J beats Flair, Orton Snaps, and more

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 23, 2009

Orton and Triple H

My goodness! RAW really saved the best for last. WWE finally realized that the Vickie love triangle couldn't close the show. The segment between Orton and Triple H went from a regular beat down to a jaw dropping moment.

Cody Rhodes hid under the ring as Triple H went for the sledge hammer and jumped out on him (finally stopped the hammer!). Legacy had Triple H all scouted out this time. He was then handcuffed to the ring rope where he would receive more beatings.

Orton had Triple H's hammer and was teasing a hit. He hinted that only Stephanie could save him. Stephanie McMahon came running down, she fell for the bait. Priceless trapped her as she got off the apron and Orton grabbed her head.

He positioned her between the ropes and delivered a devastating DDT. Triple H could only watch his wife get man handled like that. Orton further angered Triple H by kissing Stephanie after she down and out.

The former Evolution leader could only watch from the ropes. He too would feel pain as Orton hit him with the sledge hammer and he was out cold. This was an excellent segment because of the nature of this feud. This is shaping up to be one of the most personal feuds in years.

Jericho and Flair

After a horrible RAW segment last week, Jericho resurfaced and delivered. Ric Flair opened up RAW and paid the price. Jericho gave his usual speech while Flair excepted the three-on-one legends handicap match and it became official (oh great).

He then proceeded to defend the legends until Jericho got sick of him. Flair was sucker punched and was victim to a vicious beating. Jericho pounded out Flair and literally dragged him around ringside.

Flair was bleeding and all I could do was rejoice. What a great way to open up RAW, another fantastic segment. Maybe Flair won't show up again until Wrestlemania.

Taker and HBK

RAW is on a roll tonight isn't it? Undertaker came out to give his usual speech. HBK is the prey and your the hunter...we get it. Taker said that he has never beaten HBK before, but he will at Mania.

He also stated HBK's back injury that sidelined him for four years. HBK interrupted Taker for a promo of his own (Thank god). HBK went over Taker's victories at Wrestlemania and was in a graveyard. HBK's promo was better than Taker's and I love that HBK isn't intimidated by him like every other opponent who fall victim to his "mind games."

HBK shoveled the dirt and buried the hatchet. 16-1? Undertaker was really livid after HBK's promo. He let out a moan or a screech or something and rolled his eyes back as his music played. This wasn't half bad, quite good actually.

Love Triangle

Man if anything kept RAW from five stars, it was this. At first I was optimistic for Cena vs Edge, but Big Show got involved. Edge and Show are fighting over Vickie's love and Cena is the annoying third wheel, who is pretty much a shoe in to win the strap at Mania.

Edge and Show went one-on-one after the altercation they had on Smackdown that resulted in Vickie getting injured (back in the wheelchair again?!). Show got the upper hand after a while and put Edge in the ropes like Cena was last week.

Vickie pleaded with Show not to deliver the knockout puch on Edge. Chavo came in to stop him. Edge got free and went for a spear. Show moves of course and Chavo gets speared. Edge is then hit by a knockout punch. WOW. Cena cut some shitty promo before the match in case some are wondering how he was involved tonight.

The Rest Of RAW

Santino lost to Mickie James..boring

Jeff Hardy beats Dolph Ziggler in an extreme rules match...whatever.

Finlay wipes out everyone in the MITB after faces win. Rejoice Christian fanatics.

John Cena's 12 Rounds was shown about a billion times during the show.