HHH, Edge, Cena, Orton on March 21 WWE Raw: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2009

Let me start by saying that The Good is self-explanatory. The Bad is stuff that didn't work. The Ugly is stuff that I thought was horrible.


The Good

Opening of the show

Ric Flair was humiliated at the hands of Chris Jericho. This segment was heading for the Ugly section of this article because when they were talking, they didn't add anything that we didn't already know. 

But I loved the beatdown. I haven't seen someone taken apart like that on WWE TV in a while. I still have my problems with this WMXXV, but if I hold that aside, I have to admit I was into the heat Jericho was getting as he broke down Flair piece by piece. 

I was surprised that The King did not interfere, and then he calls Y2J out next week.  Hey King, you were standing right there; why didn't you do anything? 

I don't like when they throw logic out the window. 

I know the first article I wrote on B/R was about how Austin should not come out of retirement, but I have to admit that I still finding myself craving the sound of breaking glass during these segments.

By the way, anyone else think the handicap match would have more juice if they added the girl that Jericho punched in that parking lot?


Jeff Hardy returns to Raw, Extremely

For the surprise alone, it was cool. The match itself was decent for a squash match.  I'm still not into the Hardys' match so much, but I liked what I saw tonight. But, oh, someone teach Jeff how to talk on a mic, please.

Randy Orton Destroys Mr. and Mrs. H

Now this is how to promote a Wrestlemania XXV main event. Not sure where they go from here, but this match needs to have a stipulation—maybe Hell In A Cell? 

The build seems too much for just a regular old title match, which we've seen before from these two guys.  Good work tonight, though. 

Nice work by Stephanie, taking what looked like a great elevated DDT. I liked the reaching out by HHH just inches shy of Orton. 

All in all, I was a fan of what they did with this tonight, which is good because I've been disappointed with the horror movie theme they had going in the past.


The Bad

Cena's poem

Listen, I'm not into Cena, so the Cena Charm is going to repel me no matter what. This is how we promote the main event of Wrestlemania now?  Okay.


The MITB tag match

How many different times can we see this before we're not expected to be bored by it?  I find myself hoping lately that Shelton wins the case, because he's been so great in these matches, making others look spectacular, that I just think it's his time.


HBK in the graveyard

This stunk. I think almost anything Shawn Michaels does is golden, but this was just bad writing, and it was just so stupid. I wish he'd come out and talk about how half the opponents that make up 'Taker's streak were horrible. 

Instead, we get whatever that was. The shot of the constipated Undertaker at the end did not help matters.


The Ugly

Edge vs. The Big Show

There was nothing good about this. The Cena promo before it began was horrid.  Stop smiling, Cena.  The match was slow-paced and lacking in any kind of excitement, and the finish, with Chavo was predictable, contrived and did nothing to build toward Wrestlemania XXV.


Too many replays and videos

There just were...To rehash each one now would just make my eyes hurt.