Arizona Cardinals Have No Choice but to Fire Ken Whisenhunt

Jonathan CullenSenior Writer IDecember 9, 2012

Whisenhunt shakes hands with Pete Carroll.
Whisenhunt shakes hands with Pete Carroll.Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Up until today's game against the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals had continued to fight and play hard for their head coach Ken Whisenhunt, their coaches and their teammates.

Something I felt Whisenhunt would earn another season to try and fix the Cardinals offense.

But today's game against Seattle will effectively force the Cardinals ownership to make a move with Whisenhunt.

And it's a decision that they may have to make on the flight home this evening.

As bad as last week's loss to the Jets was, today's loss was far worse.

Today was the day that the Cardinals effectively quit on their head coach.

At this moment, I can't think of a more embarrassing loss, one that will leave such a bitter taste in the mouths of Cardinals fans.

Hopefully Cardinals players will long remember the Seahawks' Pete Carroll and his repeated attempts to run up the score while already ahead 51-0 late in the fourth quarter.

You can't lose 58-0 to a division opponent when everyone on the roster knows that their job is on the line.

Whisenhunt has done a lot of good job in his time with the Cards, but that Super Bowl berth against the Steelers seems like a long time ago. It looks like the team has simply lost faith in his ability to lead the offense and fix the problems at quarterback.

The Arizona quarterbacking situation is simply the worst in the NFL, something that Whisenhunt and general manager Rod Graves are both directly responsible for.

The Cardinals played rookie Ryan Lindley to the bitter end last week against the Jets, basically at the expense of trying to win the game. Lindley was simply overmatched against New York and everyone seemed to aware of that except for the Cardinals coaches.

The fact that the team switched to Skelton for the game against Seattle was basically an admission that the Cards had nothing at the position.

Skelton proceeded to throw four interceptions in little over a half against the Seahawks until he was pulled in favor of Lindley. The Seahawks forced eight turnovers in all against the Cardinals.

Injured starter Kevin Kolb has shown flashes of being an effective NFL quarterback this season and the team certainly played it's best ball with him under center. But Kolb's continued injury problems have been the story of his career and Arizona simply can't rely on him moving forward.

The players are starting to feel the pressure of the nine-game losing streak as well.

This report from's Dan Hanzus details the fact that the Cardinals have fined Darnell Dockett $200,000 for his actions at the end of the Jets game. The Cardinals coaching staff made the decision to try and let the Jets score during the closing minutes, something that Dockett seems to have disregarded.

Between the Jets fiasco and being humiliated in Seattle, ownership is now in a position that they need to do something to stop the negativity.

Where would the Cardinals go if they make the decision to fire Whisenhunt? Likely to defensive coordinator Ray Horton, but I am not sure that would be fair to the rising Horton with the 49ers, Lions and Bears still left on the schedule.

The Cardinals cannot afford to have this type of loss occur again this season, especially with the next two games coming up at home. Imagine if today had been a home game.

Arizona needs to do something to stop the losing streak, which has now reach nine games. In a season that seems to have gone from bad to worse, every week feels like a new low.

With three games left in the season, that is a scary thought.