Wade Barrett: The Most Honorable Man in Sports Entertainment?!

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIDecember 9, 2012

Photo Courtesy of allwrestlingsuperstars.com.
Photo Courtesy of allwrestlingsuperstars.com.

I know that headline may strike you as perhaps the furthest thing from the truth, and quite frankly it should. Wade Barrett is, by no means, an honorable man. He's mean, nasty and not afraid to take a shortcut should one (or more) present itself. All in all, there's no reason to think of Wade Barrett as an honorable man.

Still, WWE could always use a new face to help push things and I think if done well, Wade Barrett would be a rather fun face to watch. Now, it may sound like blasphemy to a lot of people, I know.

"Turn Wade Barrett face!? Are you insane!? He's such a natural heel, and he plays the role so well!"

Trust me, I get that. Still, I'm one of those guys who actually likes it when the good guy wins (weird, right?). But I also like to see Wade Barrett win, so allow me to indulge and pair of two of my favorite things by breaking down how exactly I would go about turning Wade Barrett face, what his gimmick would entail and the upside to this new Barrett.

For a face turn to be effective, I think you have to go about getting your fans emotionally invested. Take Daniel Bryan as a heel on Smackdown for instance. One thing that really made me dislike him was the way he treated AJ. Emotional investment at its finest. I think I speak for every guy out there (OK, maybe not EVERY guy) when I say there's not a lot worse than a man who mistreats his girlfriend, wife, main squeeze, etc.

Now, the English are usually depicted as very suave, smooth and well-mannered when it comes to the WWE. That said, there are exceptions and Wade Barrett is one of them. While he still comes off as very smooth, he also displays a very rugged disposition and attitude both on the mic and in the ring.

I think, though, if WWE is going to get the fans invested in a face Barrett, he has to give them a reason. He can't just come out one week, cut a promo on how the Swiss suck and walk down the ramp to attack Cesaro. No, he needs something more.

Which actually brings me to the storyline that could turn Barrett face. Let's just assume that Dolph Ziggler walks away with his briefcase at TLC and we hear the end of it, with AJ siding with Ziggler like many have predicted. Unfortunately, AJ doesn't have very good taste in men and so Dolph acts somewhat similarly to Daniel Bryan. All the while, Wade Barrett plays background character, silently watching their relationship.

A couple of weeks from the Royal Rumble, Wade pulls Dolph aside and explains that while it's not really his business, he should treat AJ with more respect, citing her help is what allows him to still be Mr. Money in The Bank. Dolph blows Wade off and tells him to mind his own business before he gets hurt. Wade takes that into consideration and says that if he wants to hurt him, they can meet him in the ring later A challenge Dolph accepts.

Dolph is introduced first, coming out along with AJ. Making his own entrance, Wade sports one of his old coats and hands AJ a red rose from the pocket before stepping into the ring to face Barrett (drawing the ire of Ziggler). The match goes on for about 10 minutes with Dolph taking the count-out loss, and as he calls for AJ to come with him, she finds herself lingering to say bye to Wade.

I say WWE can build off of this feud, with Wade explaining that while he doesn't care for much when it comes to other people's lives, it upsets him to see someone mistreat a lady, often calling out Ziggler's integrity as a man. Dolph counters Wade in that he's been a jerk since the moment he got here, and now all of a sudden wants to challenge "The Show-Off" because he just wants to be famous one more time before falling into obscurity, being that every time he comes close, he fails (citing his attempts to beat Cena and Orton, among others).

The feud can culminate at WrestleMania, where Dolph puts his Money in The Bank Briefcase on the line in a losing effort to Barrett (hey, it was meant to be his in the first place, right?).

The next night on RAW, we tie up some loose ends by having Wade explain to AJ that maybe she shouldn't be dating in the workplace for awhile, and that she should focus on bigger things (as the Divas Champion walks by). AJ thanks Wade, he gets a peck on the cheek, and AJ skips away as usual, leaving us with a new and improved Wade Barrett.

His gimmick consists of treating the female fans especially well, often giving out a couple of roses from his coat during his entrance. Think, something of a ladies man, but it's more done out of common courtesy than attraction. Almost like a knight in his battle to defend the honor of a lady (when she deserves it). He may, or may not have one of the ladies from FCW accompany him on his way to the ring (Paige would be a good fit).

So where does a face Wade Barrett go with the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase?

Well, there's room for a rematch with Dolph Ziggler, and I think this would actually be a pretty good feud, match-wise. Don't know if Dolph could keep up on the mic, but who's to say he doesn't surprise?

Perhaps a feud with Alberto Del Rio. Let's say Del Rio is jealous of how much the females seem to admire Wade, and says he can be just as attractive, using Rosa to demonstrate his point.

This could also parley into a short mini-feud with Primo and Epico, with Wade Barrett having Sheamus as a tag partner (planting seeds for a tag team run somewhere near the end of 2013 maybe?) These will hold over, and after these feuds I think it would be about time to consider cashing in his MiTB contract.

Possible World Championship opponents for Barrett include a heel Randy Orton (known for not pulling punches when it comes to women), Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie in his pocket, I could see him weaseling his way into a World Title match) and maybe a face vs. face feud built on mutual respect between Sheamus and Barrett.

These are all just what-ifs and wishful thinking, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see something like this happen. Barrett wouldn't even need to change anything. I think he fits well, as he's a kind man towards women and he can still be the bare-knuckle brawler we all know and love (to hate?) that we see today.

Let me know what you think about the idea. What do you like, what do you hate, what would you change? Thanks for the read.