Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 Results: Winner, Twitter Reaction, Recap and Analysis

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Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 Results: Winner, Twitter Reaction, Recap and Analysis

Juan Manuel Marquez recorded a shocking upset over Manny Pacquiao with a massive right hand in the sixth round that gave him his first victory over Pac-Man.

The fourth meeting between these two fighters generated a significant amount of hype, and the bout still somehow managed to exceed expectations. 

It was clear from the start that Pacquiao was active, in shape and ready to fight. It only took until the second round for the announcers to start gushing over Pac-Man's legendary straight left hand. 

But it was Marquez who landed the first blow, knocking down Pacquiao in the third round with a hard right hand. Nevertheless, the Filipino fighter was able to get up and regain control of the fight. 

In the fifth round, he evened the score by catching Marquez with a straight left hand and knocking down the Mexican fighter. 

With an advantage on the scorecard, Pacquiao just needed to avoid Marquez' lethal counter punches. But in the sixth round, Marquez found an opening when Pacquiao attacked and landed a vicious punch directly to Pac-Man's face.  

The Filipino star dropped straight to the canvas, and the fight ended as a victory for Marquez via knockout. This is Marquez' first victory over Pacquiao and the first time any of their matchups ended early. 

It was a shocking result and after an incredible bout, fans certainly wouldn't mind seeing a fifth fight. 

Twitter Reaction

According to GMA News, Manny Pacquiao isn't retiring after sustaining a brutal knockout loss:

Pacquiao wasn't the only politician in the arena Saturday night. Mitt Romney was among the spectators, and he gave a brief bio to the Filipino fighter when the two met, as the Associated Press noted:

ESPN's Dan Rafael noted that the Las Vegas crowd was heavily in favor of Marquez:

Marquez' monster right hand to knock down Pacquiao in the third shocked the crowd. Once again, Bleacher Report provided a pic, and Grantland's Bill Simmons gave the punch all the exclamation points it deserved:

B/R kept rolling with the Twitpics and displayed just how much damage Pacquiao was inflicting:

ESPN Stats & Info showed how truly rare it is for Pacquiao to lose via knockout:

And back to B/R for the punch that ended an incredible night:

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