WBS Pioneers Ready for Action

Henry LaborantiContributor IMarch 23, 2009

With less than a week away from the opening game of the 2009 arena football two season, the Pioneers are stacked and ready for action. With a long list of experienced players on both sides of the ball, the Pioneers look to impress the entire league this year by showing off their skills and their new look uniforms.


People to Watch

Quarterback Ryan Vena – Ryan Vena is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play arena football. With his long resume and unmatched skills, Vena will look to be the main reason the Pioneers will make or break the season.

Wide Receiver Rich Musinski – Last season, Musinski was one of the major reasons for the Pioneers offensive success. With his lightning speed and amazing catch ability, No. 4 should be Vena’s No. 1 target.

Defensive Back Micheaux Robinson – In his first season with the Pioneers last year, Robinson seemed to dazzle every crowd he played in front of. Where the ball was passed, Robinson appeared.

When the ball was run, he was there. If the Arena Football League returns next year, expect Robinson in an AFL uniform in 2010.

Defensive Lineman Troy Blackwell – In 2009 Blackwell had one of the most impressive seasons by a defensive lineman in Pioneers history. His size is just the beginning. As this 6’9’’ 310 lb lineman could move with unusual speed. Once he grabs the ball carrier, he never lets go.


Reasons for Concern

If there was anything the Pioneers would have to worry about in 2010 it’s the offensive line. With only one experienced lineman on offense, the Pioneers will be putting fresh faces up on the line to block for Vena.

While Vena could pass on the run with good accuracy, the Pioneers would never want Vena to go down with an injury as his untested backup Joe DeLuise is only playing his first year of af2 football.



The Pioneers have been ranked as the No. 3 team in the coach’s preseason poll, one of their highest preseason records in team history.

With the experience that they have on both offense and defense, as well as the ability to kick long-range field goals with all-star kicker David Davis, the Pioneers will be the team to beat this year.

I only expect this team to stumble once, if at all. The Pioneers finish the regular season 15-1.