Call of Duty: The Chaingang Commander Takes a Shot at The Rock...Again

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 23, 2009

I'm reallying not into this news stuff, but this situation is really drawing my attention. Mr. Cena is looking to go "12 Rounds" with The Rock.

These two are about to have their own WrestleMania.

My goodness Cena, how many shots shall you take? Cena does it again on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Thursday. It seems that he just can't keep the great one off hos tongue. 

The two will meet Saturday at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and Cena is already pulling out the cannons again. I chuckled a bit before, but I view Cena as a cry baby. How dare you talk about someone who surpasses you in everything in the ring? Cena tries to justify himself by once again implementing that Rock is a sellout of sorts.

"He's his start in the WWE, gone onto movies, but in the process, the whole time while he was in the WWE, he just preached to our fanswho are very loyalhow much he loved the business," Cena said of Johnson. "He says he loves the business so much, but then just up and leaves. So here I am, I've done The Marine, I'm still working full-time for the WWE, I've got 12 Rounds coming out...and everybody's asking, 'When are you leaving?'"from Jimmy Kimmel

The statement above could also be found on various new sites.

I poked fun at The Rock on a previous article, but I have one question...


Really, it's like Paul London taking shots at Matt Hardy. He goes on to say that if he won an Oscar he would continuing wrestling, in an attempt to be funny. It is fine if Cena wants to questtion the Rock, many of us have.

I thought about it a couple of times, but Rock will always be the Rock to me. He had a great career and that is that. But Cena wants to bring it up every time he steps out of the WWE.

"Cena, how do you feel about the business?"

(Crying) "I love this business, I'm not going to go to Hollywood.

"Ok, so how about Wrest

"The Rock just left after he said he loved the business so much."

"I see. You are in a triple threat match for

"How could turn you back on the business?"

"Alright, how about the Draft?

"Well wherever I'll end up...I know I'll still be in the business unlike the Rock."

That little segment above was my work. This is very interesting as the two head into the Kids' Choice awards at the end of the week.