Trey Johnson: Is Former Auburn Commit Best Fit for Ohio State or Oregon?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIDecember 7, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star inside linebacker Trey Johnson used to be committed to the Auburn Tigers, but now that he's decommitted, which major program on his interest list does he fit best—Ohio State or Oregon?

It's worth noting that 247Sports has Florida and Penn State both listed as "warm interests" behind Ohio State on Johnson's interest list, but the Ducks just recently made an offer to the 4-star linebacker, and they are without a doubt a huge draw for many recruits.

Brandon P. Oliver of reports that Oregon receivers coach Scott Frost recently visited Johnson and made the offer. Oliver thinks that if the Ducks can get Johnson to take a visit, they might have a shot at his commitment:

The former Auburn commit will have to decide if the late offer from Oregon is enough to get him across the country for a visit. Ohio State appears to be in a good spot for Johnson, but—as always—if the Ducks get him on campus, they could potentially become a player for the 4-star LB.

Oliver also quotes Johnson's coach on Oregon:

"Oregon is a great program and I imagine that Trey will give them a good look," (Coach Todd) Wofford said. "I really like Coach Frost. He just said the Ducks need to improve at linebacker to get a national title. I think the Oregon program does a great job with everything. I try to take as much from them as I can. Especially that offense."

Johnson is considered to be the No. 3 inside linebacker in the nation according to the 247Sports composite rankings, so he'd be a good football player wherever he goes, but where does his skill set fit the best?

The one thing I like about Johnson is his fluidity as a linebacker. What I mean by that is that he displays great movement and footwork. He can cover a lot of area because of his athleticism and football instincts.

Johnson is much more than a downhill, gap plugging linebacker, and that versatility makes him very effective. He still has the ability to scream down to the line of scrimmage and make a strong play, but his strength is his athleticism and ability to move around on the field.

(Check out my scouting report on Johnson)

He'd be able to excel at either Ohio State or Oregon (or at Florida and Penn State for that matter), but overall, he's the best fit for the Ducks.

Johnson is most effective in space when he's able to use his athleticism and movement to his advantage, and that will translate well into the Pac-12.

Big Ten football is still all about pounding the rock and playing physical within the box, and while Johnson could do that, he's not necessarily the gap filling type of linebacker Ohio State will need in the Big Ten. He could be serviceable for Ohio State, but in the end, he wouldn't be optimal for the position.

He just may find more opportunities to make plays in the open field against Pac-12 opponents where the offensive style of play is a bit more wide open and athletic—at least when compared to Big Ten football. He'd be able to get to the edge against the run, but he could also drop back into coverage and play comfortable in space against different passing sets.

Johnson would also be able to keep up with the fast-paced, athletic style of football that Oregon plays. With the offense scoring as quickly as it does, you need to have players on the defensive side of the ball that can compliment that. There will be far less time for resting on the sidelines as a defender.

Johnson has what it takes to be a star for Oregon, and he'd be a great fit in their system. They've made the offer, and that's step one. Step two is getting him to visit.

If the Ducks can get the 4-star linebacker to Eugene, they'll be in a great position to compete for his commitment.

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