South Africa's Sharks Are Back in the Hunt

Ian TaitCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2009

Last week the Sharks saw RED and they must have thought they were stuck in the old Beetles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.


Everything had gone Pink, well at least the Force did. What is it with those jerseys? The Force must have felt like the biggest bunch of pansies when they were handed their kit on match day.


In a hard-fought battle the Sharks played great rugby, played to their strength and did what they should have done last week. JP Peterson is playing some of his best rugby again and proved it with the fantastic try he scored on Saturday, five in six games. The Sharks go home 22-10 victors winning three of their four games on the road.


Matt Goddard is the most pathetic excuse for a referee I have ever seen. I thought our club game was handled poorly on Saturday, but this guy takes the cake. How the hell can he tell a captain that he does not want his ball to be spoilt? How can you tell Bakkies Botha that he must use his big ears and listen better?


Mr. Goddard you are a disgrace and I have said this before and I will say it again and no offence to my short friends and so other short people out there, “you have short man syndrome and will never be bigger than this wonderful game called rugby.” For once show some grace and respect to the players and to the paying public that have come to see the game and not you.


The Bulls pulled off a fantastic victory over the Hurricanes and given the fact that there were five yellow cards and one red, it was not a bad game to watch.


I do have a question to ask Deon Stegmann got three weeks for a deserved spear tackle, but what happened to the Canes player that rucked Bakkies Botha over the wind pipe? That my fellow sports fan in one question we will not get an answer for. The Bulls took away a stunning 14-19 victory.


The Cheetahs got another thumping 32-8 and I am ready to say they can drop out of the Super 14 as they would not be missed. Bring in the Japanese team lets try something new. The Lions beat the Brumbies after a week full of racism allegation. Less to do about racism and more about quotas!


Playing players of colour because the rugby union says a team must. In most cases these players are there on Merit but I am afraid to say some are not and are just there to make up numbers. Earl Rose is not one of those players and he created the spark that the Lions needed to win 25-17.


Other results saw the Crusaders beat the Tahs in Sydney, 13-17, and in the game of the weekend saw the Chiefs put 63 points against the Blues including four tries by Sitiveni Siviatu. The Blues were just out gunned by the Chiefs. I think they have the deadliest backline in the whole of the Super 14. Final score: 63-32!


Where two from here well, the Sharks are back home and beside the real threat of having a brain fart they should go forward to a Semi Final Spot. The Bulls have to ensure that they keep their momentum going and they two will also be in the top four.


Who will be the others well this question is the hardest of the lot? Maybe Chiefs, Canes, Brumbies, the Crusaders, and just possibly the Stormers!