The Green Bay Packers Observed: Part Two--Team Weaknesses

andy pechContributor IMarch 23, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - NOVEMBER 24:  Pierre Thomas #23 of the New Orleans Saints scores a touchdown in the first quarter around Nick Collins #36  of the Green Bay Packers on November 24, 2009 at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Perspective is an interesting phenomenon. It can be as easy to see the good side of something as it is to see the bad side.

There are many positives regarding the Green Bay Packers and I don’t think anyone could argue the glass is not at least half-full.

Being a lifelong Packer fan, it is hard to look at the players on my favorite team as anything but my favorite players.

Many would say that because of parity in the league, all the teams are close and anyone can win at any time. Teams are just a player away.

I think this is close to being true and is why every fan’s perspective of their team could be either of a glass half-full or half-empty.

So these are the observations of a Packer fan who is trying to be objective about the weaknesses of the team he wants see win it all.

Could I write an article singing the praises about everyone on the Packers? Yes.

Could I argue the glass is already full except for some injuries and bad luck? Yes.

Any fan of any team can argue their team’s strengths. Here are what I feel are the Packer’s weaknesses.


The Defensive Line:

What was a strength just a few years ago has grown thin and cannot rush the passer.

Jenkins seemed to make a big difference two years ago and maybe his healthy return will make a difference this year, but switching defenses without switching any lineman seems a stretch. Can Kampman and Pickett hold this unit together?


Al  Harris:

Harris is a great player and has been victimized on important, game-changing plays for the last two years.

It is only going to get worse and a defensive backfield with a glaring weakness is a defense that is going to lose games. Can they replace him with one of their current backups?


The Safeties:

They were both good and bad last year.

I know I am going to get some arguments on this one and I hate to say it, but Nick Collins has still not lived up to his billing.

Yes, he was a pro-bowler and yes, Atari Bigby was hurt but I am simply not sold on these two.

Why all the big plays against this defense? Can they stop the big plays with these two supposed stars playing safety?

The Offensive Line:

The O-line needs to continue to improve and probably needs an addition.

This is a line which is half-young and half-old and I am still not sure if they know where they are going with this unit.

Can this unit punch it in on the goal line?

Will they be able to protect Aaron Rodgers blind side if he needs more time than a split second?

Aaron Rodgers Fourth Quarter Play:

It was terrible last year.

NFL games are not always blowouts and many will come down to the quarterback having to win it on the final drive.

Rodgers has showed he can perform under good conditions. Now he has to prove he can win by taking chances and making plays when the chips are down.

He also needs to learn to get rid of the ball sooner. Will Rodgers become a superstar?


The Linebackers:

They need to be able to cover receivers.

AJ Hawk and Poppinga need to get their pass coverage straight or this defense will not be able to stop anyone.

Will the defensive switch help AJ Hawk?

Special Teams:

Special teams let the team down a lot last year.

The punter needs to be replaced, the kicker needs to be more consistent, and the return and coverage teams need to perform at a much higher level than they have in recent past.

The Unquestionable Weapon:

Either on defense or offense, many teams seem to be lacking from the Packers.

This is not to say someone on the roster is not going to become a feared performer, but currently there is no Reggie White or Sterling Sharpe to take over when the chips are down.

Again, will Rodgers become this guy or will someone else emerge?

Greg Jennings?


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