Jay Cutler to Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Only in Three-Way Deal with Broncos, Browns

Cory HolibaughCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2017

So far in the offseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and new head coach Raheem Morris have made a splash. Their big moves have primarily been on offense and they are looking to be contenders next season. Here are their biggest moves so far:

HB Derrick Ward: Signed as free agent from New York Giants.

TE Kellen Winslow: Acquired from Cleveland Browns in trade for draft picks.

WR Antonio Bryant: Re-signed/franchised (one-year tender)

All these moves give the Bucs Pro Bowl-caliber players on their offense, but with Jeff Garcia leaving the team via free agency, what can the team expect? I doubt the team wants Brian Griese or Luke McCown to start at quarterback.

These newly-signed stars would thrive with a Pro Bowl quarterback.

With Jay Cutler rumors going on, should the Bucs make a push for him?

The answer is yes.

Just imagine this team next season with Cutler, Bryant, Winslow, and Ward. It's the making of an offensive juggernaut. A 1,000-yard-plus running back in Ward, 1,000-yard-plus receivers in Bryant and Winslow, and Jay Cutler taking the snaps? If that's not an impressive offense, then I don't know what is.

But what would it take for the Bucs to get Cutler? It's been speculated that the Denver Broncos would ask for a first- and third-round draft pick plus a young quarterback in exchange for Cutler.

Tampa Bay has the picks, but they don't have that young quarterback. If they were to acquire Cutler, it looks as if it would have to be through a three-way trade.

Maybe a trade with the Cleveland Browns could be worked out again. The Broncos have reportedly been interested in Brady Quinn. Denver would trade Cutler for Quinn plus some picks. The only pending factor is what the Browns would get in return.

The Browns want draft picks and starting players. New coach Eric Mangini has signed plenty of backup/depth players and needs players that make a difference. Below is what a potential three-way trade could look like for each team.


The Denver Broncos

  • Trade
  1. QB Jay Cutler (to Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  2. 2010 second-round draft choice (to Cleveland Browns)
  • Acquire
  1. QB Brady Quinn (from Cleveland Browns)
  2. First-round draft choice (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 19th overall
  3. Second-round draft choice (from Cleveland Browns) 50th overall


The Tampa Buccaneers

  • Trade
  1. Strong safety Jermaine Phillips (to Cleveland Browns)
  2. 2010 second-round draft choice (to Cleveland Browns)
  3. First-round draft choice (to Denver Broncos) 19th overall
  • Acquire
  1. QB Jay Cutler (from Denver Broncos)


The Cleveland Browns

  • Trade
  1. QB Brady Quinn (to Denver Broncos)
  2. Second-round draft choice (to Denver Broncos) 50th overall
  • Acquire
  1. SS Jermaine Phillips (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  2. 2010 2nd-round draft choice (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  3. 2010 2nd-round draft choice (from Denver Broncos)


The reason the Browns trade their second-round draft choice (50th overall; the pick they acquired from the Bucs for Kellen Winslow) is because a first- and second-round draft choice instead of a first- and third-round draft choice makes the Broncos have to consider the trade even more.

The Broncos get a young QB and draft picks for a good QB, the Bucs get a Pro Bowl QB for a good SS and two low picks, and the Browns get a much-needed SS and two future low picks for a young not-quite-proven QB and one low pick. Besides the run-on sentence, the trade sounds good to me. Everybody gets what they want.

The Bucs would give up the most, of course, but they would have a QB to lead that new offense to what could be a great season. Cutler did well in Denver; imagine what he could do in Tampa with all those offensive weapons. Not to mention the good weather down in Florida would benefit him greatly; it's a lot easier to breathe at sea level than up in the Rockies.

And once again, this is only an idea and nothing more. Cutler could go anywhere or stay in Denver. Lets just hope the "Jay Cutler!" headlines end soon.