NASCAR Is Not "DRIVEN" By The Fans Anymore

Angela WolfContributor IMarch 23, 2009

14 Feb 1999:  A general view of the fans and the speedway during the NASCAR Daytona 500 at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona, Florida. Mandatory Credit: David Taylor  /Allsport

Feburary 1999, Daytona 500.  My Mother was there and she remembers it like yesterday.

She is not so happy these days with NASCAR Racing. She is quite upset with the response she gets from NASCAR every time she writes. Let's say she just get one of those blanket responses that they send to everyone that writes them with suggestions or comments.

Does NASCAR care what their fans think?? Probably not. Here is a letter my Mother wrote just recently.


Mar. 23, 2009


Attention: Mike Helton, The France Family or Whoever Cares

P.O. Box 2875

Daytona Beach, FL 32120


Dear Sirs,

We have been fans of NASCAR racing for many years and have always looked forward to the weekend racing on TV or to attend a race in person if we were fortunate. We have traveled to many tracks throughout the years-Daytona, Rockingham, Charlotte, Bristol, Martinsville, and Phoenix. This was our 11th year at Daytona and will probably be our last.

We cannot justify the expenses over the type of racing we are now seeing at Daytona.

Our first experiences at that track were nail-biting, standing, sitting on the edge of our seats, side-by-side restrictor plate racing and now we have a parade of cars going 190 miles an hour around a track in line and then to finish it off, we had a shorten race again this year. 

Years ago, the race always started early and if this one would have started earlier we would have at least seen the complete race. Things are different with NASCAR racing now. 

What have you done? 

We understand the COT car is cost effective and safer for the driver, but it certainly has taken away from good racing. We don’t care what DW says!!! Fans don’t pay lots of money to watch the weekly parade around the track. Just take a look at the Bristol race on Mar. 22.

We watched on TV and switched channels to watch March Madness where we could see some action. In fact, we find it easier to record the race and watch at our convenience, fast-forwarding through it quickly.

Years past you couldn’t pry us away from the Bristol broadcast but now it’s easy to switch away and come back to the same ole’ same ole’. CARS PARADING AROUND THE TRACK AND NO CHANGE IN RUNNING ORDER.

One racer gets out front and leads most of the race. Naps come easier during the races now than in the past, too. Is that exciting? What’s going on???

Also, what about the cost of attending a race? How can a family justify spending so much when they are struggling to meet the everyday needs? Your race-day attendance will continue to decrease until you address the cost of everything at the races.  Come on now, $7 for a beer. 

What’s up with that!  We will be at PIR in April and state law says we can’t even carry a small cooler of frosty drinks, which includes soda pops into the track. Laws are laws; so lower the cost of items at the snack bars to accommodate the fans.

Guess by now you know that we are frustrated and upset with NASCAR racing. Once corporate America became involved, the good old days of racing went out the door.

We have truly enjoyed our past racing experiences but can’t say much about today.



Frustrated Long Time Racing Fans

Dave and Jackie


So you see she is a little upset and I'm writing this to ask other people their opinions and if they have ever felt this way.

Her response from NASCAR was basically, "Hope you enjoy your race season."

We are NASCAR Fans and want to continue to be. I know we will go in April and November to PIR, but is there anything you can think of that we as fans can do to make racing a bit more exciting, and anyway you know how to get through to them so they will listen to suggestions.

Thanks Ang