The Top Five Ohio State Videos on YouTube

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IMarch 23, 2009

Obviously, a list like this is completely subjective, and tastes will vary from one person to another, but I am convinced most Buckeye fans will agree that these are some of the best Buckeye videos YouTube currently has to offer!

Watch them and see if you don't agree!

There truly are an endless number of Buckeye videos on YouTube and many very talented video editors making these videos!

Kitchel and Lexco are probably the top two video makers as far as Buckeye channels go, so if you haven't heard of them, you're missing out.

Here are direct links to each of their YouTube channels!



Now, please enjoy these videos I have selected for you!

#5 - "THE" Greatest Room!

#4 "THE" 2009 Preview!

#3 "THE" 2008 Movie!

#2 - "THE" Season Highlights!

#1 "THE" Best Fans!

I hope you enjoyed these! Feel free to post links to your favorite Buckeye videos in the comments!