The Pittsburgh INTRIGUE: Paulie Spadafora

Ricky Ray TaylorContributor IMarch 23, 2009

Ahh, would you take a gander at who's scheduled to fight this month (Mar. 31):



Perhaps it's a shocker that an undefeated (41-0) WORLD Lightweight Champion has a name that escapes some of the newbies in our sport. If Spadaforas name sounds foreign to many out there—it should. 

Since capturing the IBF Lightweight Title in '02, Spaddie has averaged "one" fight a year. 

Yet, for us die-hard's we're quite familiar with "The Pittsburgh Kid." 

Or perhaps he should be named "The Pittsburgh INTRIGUE."


And "why" you ask hasn't this undefeated terror in the Lightweight ranks etched a comfortable notch on our PPV tubes by now? 

Well, where do we start? 

*In '03 Spadafora posted $50,000 bond to stay out of jail for shooting his girlfriend while at a gas station. 

*In '04 he was arrested again for driving away from a pursuing cop—while drunk. 

*The next year he was thrown back in jail for failing a drug test—cocaine.  

*Then, in '05 he did another tour of prison duty for shooting his girlfriend. 


A series of parole violations ended with him finally returning last April where won his 41st consecutive bout outboxing a journeyman from the Midwest.

In many ways PAUL SPADAFORA is a similar case to countless other journeymen in our troubled sport. 

It's a well known fact that "the streets" are home to numerous - if not HUNDREDS of talented Boxers. 

Once in a Blue-moon the same streets claim GRIP to undefeated WORLD Champions. 

THIS is one of the cases.

In the ring Spadafora is as elusive as he is crafty, as smooth as he is slick. 

Countless naysayers said he'd never make it in the PROS since he lacks the KO power to back up his finesse.  Paulie has countered their rumblings however with a perfect 41-0 record. 

Unfortunately, he counts himself out every time he tempted by the LURE of the streets. 

More than running with the wrong group of guys however, it seems that Spadafora's primary demon is the Bottle.

He's known to have drank two cases of beer in ONE SITTING while in high school. 

In fact, BOXING and ALCOHOL seem to be the two havens for this ninth grade drop-out turned WORLD Champion. So far, he's immersed himself in both worlds. 

An undefeated WORLD Champion—who's primary nemesis fits in his own hand, like a gun. 

It always INTRIGUED me when a person can master the art of WINNING and LOSING all in the same breath,

continuously - through life.

Let's hope that Paulie masters the former this time, for good.


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