World Test 11: Throw Your Hat in the Ring Pt 4

Dann KhanAnalyst IMarch 23, 2009

MUMBAI, INDIA - NOVEMBER 14:  Local young cricketers listen to their coach whilst attending nets at Shivaji Park, home to eight cricket clubs and a breeding ground for many Indian Test cricketers including batting legend Sachin Tendulkar on November 14, 2008 in Mumbai, India.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Well we have got a job here.

Yes, the job to find our own world Test team and after begging and pleading to Long I have got the job to do the No.4 batsmen in the team. The No.3 turned out to be Rahul Dravid

This one's for you Long John!


Well I think everyone will agree that there is only one person who can come first while I am compiling the list.

It is Sachin Tendulkar. I don't have to say very much about him. 

But still I will repeat what has been repeated many times. This man is a genius and has been playing cricket for 18 years. When on song he is as deadly as anyone. This is proved by his recent 160 against the Kiwis.

He holds the record for the highest no. of runs and most centuries in the game. What is another character about his is he is unfazed by batsmen-bowler talks. He is just there to do one thing and that is scoring. He is also a very hard worker and that is something I consider very important.

Another thing about Tendulkar is that he can change his game according to the situation. There is enough proof for that. His top class knocks were his first hundred when he saved the match for India at the age of 16 in England, then another brilliant one was in 1998 against the Aussies when he scored a hundred on a mine field.

His almost match winning knock against Pakistan in 1999 was another. The of course the 242* at Sydney and recently his 103 at Chennai against the English are only a some of his may gems. If you have this fellow in the team the captain can also get good ideas from that heck of a brain of his. Ave- almost 55


The second choice would be Inzy or Inzamam-Ul-Haq. This fellow was what many call a sleeping giant. But if he was sleeping and making so many runs I don't want to think what he would have done when he was awake. He also has a triple to his name.

This man was not someone anybody wanted to bowl to as he could find gaps around the field and play some elegant drives and also smash you out of the park. He along was also one of the mainstays and sometimes the one ranger in the Pakistan batting. He definitely someone to choose. Ave. just below 50.


The next one is a Waughie,  the fellow who replaced his brother in the Australian team. He was considered by many as better than his brother. I will not get into that but he was definitely more elegant than most players ever seen. He made a fantastic 138 on debut as well. He was at times a murderer of any bowling attack. He was efficient with the cut, pull, loft, drive or in other words everything. This guy is absolutely remarkable. Ave. 41.


The next one on the list would be KP. Kevin Pietersen is an absolute star in all senses of the word. He is not a natural stroke maker like the other three, but he can manufacture all kinds of strokes. His switch hit (when he changes his grip to a left handers) is remarkable. This man has also got a single minded approach towards batting which can be very useful. It allows him to hit the ball around the park when others around him are struggling. Out of the guys I have and will mention, he is THE most aggressive. Ave. 50.


The next felon is another Aussie. This time it is Damien Martyn. Well he was one of the most crucial members of the team. He was also an attacking player. After a start stop career, he cemented his spot pretty well. Another ability of his was to work on his batting flaws and eradicate them pretty well.

He also had a habit of coming back in form with absolute biggies. This man was a mix between a natural stroker and a manufacturer. I  remember one of his centuries in 2006 in South Africa was an absolute beauty to watch. Ave. 46 

Now the last one on the list. This is Mahela Jaywardene. You could really see his talent flourish after he became captain but before that as well he was one of the main guys of the Lankan line up. Who can forget his brilliant 374 against the Proteas on Galle. Who can forget his fine century against the Aussies in 2007 even though SL lost the Test. 

Who can forget many of his master classes against India and Pakistan. This man also is a good captain and may be very useful to the side as a captain or even as a senior player helping the captain. Under him Muralitharan also became a much better bowler. That speaks for itself. Ave.52


My choice: It has to be Sachin or Pietersen. Sachin on the basis of his current form. KP as he is the youngest of all and also the most attacking. He can be a long term option.

In the end I would also like to say that No.4 is often not talked about as an important position. I do not know why. But let me tell you, this is a position of a proper batsmen and has to handle almost the same kind of pressure as a No.3


I hope I did it as well as Long John Silver