A Nation of People Stumped Out By Cricket

Goutham BabuCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2009

Team India's win at the Twenty20 World Cup was incredible, astounding, and spectacular.

It revealed the power of the youth. It also highlighted the need for constant infusion of the new blood into the team and the compulsory retirement of those past their prime.

The win was inspirational and had definitely motivated other players to perform better.

No doubt, they deserve all praise and accolades. The media coverage of their crawl of hours from Mumbai airport to the Wankhede stadium is undoubtedly more than what even the Republic day or the Independence day parade gets.

But it's, after all, just a game. Can they seriously be called role models?

When the BCCI and the corporate coffers are brimming, was it necessary for the state government to jump into the bandwagon and announce additional bounties?

My logic asks whether we have any better and deserving use for the tax payers' money?

The way in which the cricketers are being pampered by these men are disgusting.

It's natural for the public to create fuss and extravagance, but the decisions of the government should be much more objective.

They don't even mention the name of engineers, doctors, and scientists who all contribute so much more  to the nation than these sport athletes.

Lavish gifts and unwanted hype are bestowed on the "Men In Blue," when there are many in our country who are so poor that they don't even get the required amount of food per day.

Then why can't the government spend the money made by the people of India by giving sweat and blood, little more wisely and logically? instead of, wasting it by honouring the great Indian cricketers and bestowing them with millions.

If this money is been spent for the poor starving Indians, the state of our nation would be somewhat better than now...