Bucknuts.com: A Great Place for Buckeye Haters?

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.com@BlockONationAnalyst IMarch 23, 2009

Isn't it sad to think that Bucknuts.com is one of the most popular sites on the web for "fans" (I use that term extremely loosely) of Ohio State Buckeyes' football, but most of the time, it seems more like a board for Ohio State haters...

I've slightly altered the title of this thread from Bucknuts (original thread name: Unfortunately, I come here now to read trolls talk about why OSU sucks...).

Sadly, over the past couple of days, it has been one of the most viewed and commented on threads on there with nearly 1,800 views and over 100 comments posted.

Even sadder than that is the fact that a large number of those posting comments on that thread are doing just what the original poster was complaining about—ripping on the team as a whole, but also, specifically the coaching staff.

Several questionable Buckeye fans are on there as usual bitching and moaning about the Buckeyes not winning a bowl game the last three seasons and/or the play calling on both sides of the ball by Heacock, Bollman, and Tressel.

Since 2001, it's no secret that Tressel has owned Michigan going (7-1) vs. the scum from the state up North.

He also coached them to the only (14-0) season in school history and the 2002 BCS National Championship. How soon we forget.

His W/L record in his eight seasons now stands at (83-19), including the postseason bowl games.

The worst season Ohio State has had under Tressel (7-5) was in 2001, his first season in Columbus.

In six of his eight seasons, Ohio State has won 10 or more games.

The teams average for wins is 10.375 per season under JT and the average for losses per year is 2.375.

Yes, Ohio State lost two BCS title games in 2006 (Florida) and 2007 (LSU).

Yes, Ohio State lost to Penn State, USC and Texas in 2008.

Since 2005, Ohio State has lost a total of eight games. The combined W/L records for those eight teams that have beaten the Bucks is (93-12) and between them, they have three National Championships, eight BCS Bowl appearances, and seven of the eight were in the top 10 in the final AP poll the year in which they beat OSU.

All but one of those eight teams (Illinois in 2007) were ranked in the top three of the AP poll when they beat OSU.

So, after how good it has been for Buckeye fans since 2001, we seriously get comments like this?

It's not just that they lost, it's how they lost. Heacock is easily the slowest DC I've seen to make necessary adjustments, and Bollman's "offensive lines" (using that term loosely) have been BY FAR the most porous I've seen at a major college program. You're an idiot if you think they shouldn't be fired because they only lost X amount of games. There is a whole lot more to it than that.


Bollman and Heacock both need to be fired. Fickell needs to be def co-ord. Bollman needs to get fired. We have good talent on the line but we never seem to be able to block people or have a good scheme. We need better schemes and a better o line and d line coaches.

The bottom line here is OSU is the K-Mart of college football. Doom and Gloom is the same as speaking the truth, which you and several people on here live in your little "everything is great world" of OSU football. Well with the results what can you say except we used to beat good teams and yes we are 0-9 in games against you so we do suck. LOL! You are so frickin' blind, you must only read the Columbus dispatch. I had seen on numerous blogs about OSU not deserving that bowl bid--Geez. Pretty simple here we need a new offense coordinator or o-line coach or something, so if you don't see that like I mentioned earlier you are blind.

Padding records and stats against weak teams then being embarrassed by the top tier is the mark of a program more interested in money than improving. Don't claim to be (and charge as) an elite team if you can't back it up, and aren't willing to do what it takes to become one.

And finally, this one has to be my personal favorite. When one OSU fan realizes he's wrong and can't win the argument, so it turns completely and exclusively into a personal attack instead...

At least you've established that you're no threat to Mensa. Since you're too dumb to understand my posts or my position I'll not debate you, however, I'll give you some advise...stick to the cooking area at Micky D's, that way you don't have to interact with the public and drive business to Wendy's. Say hi to Grimace for me.

I could go on and on endlessly listing the negative comments posted over there, but I'd rather not, so instead, I'll digress.

I'd hate to see that board if Ohio State ever has a season anytime in the near future that resembles the 2008 season a certain team from Ann Arbor experienced.

Tressel and company might be taken to the Gallows should that happen.

If you're really that unhappy with things in Columbus, pick a new team because the real fans of Buckeye football are tired of your doom and gloom whiny @#$%^&*!


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