Just Another Day in the Fall: A Routine Saturday for a College Football Addict

Ed MedinaCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2009

There is nothing quite like a good Saturday in the fall to me. A day when I wake up early, stay up late, and, at the end of the day, look back and think about what an incredible experience it was.

I like to think I'm like the usual football fan, and I'm gonna give you a recount of what those special Saturdays are like, for me.



12:00 AM

Cookout begins. Hamburgers are thrown on the grill while I sit on the computer and carefully look over the schedule for the next day. A schedule of my own is created highlighting the best games of the day.

1:00 AM

Finish eating various grilled goodies from my cookout and play my schools fight song on Ihome. Homework from my classes is completed in this hour

2:00 AM

Beaming with excitement I finally lay down and shut my eyes while thinking about the action that will begin in roughly seven hours. Eventually fall asleep.

8:00 AM

Watch Gameday on ESPN and blurt out various expletives as Lee Corso hates on my team. Accuse ESPN of being biased against Alabama and Arizona State. Take note of all the clever signs in the background of Gameday and laugh a bit.

9:00 AM

Watch the first slate of action, usually some Big Ten games and a Big East game. Take note of how slow the Big Ten game seems to be. Get hungry for the first time so have a breakfast sandwich and some juice.

10:00 AM

Around half-time of the first slate of action, sneak over to Walgreen's to buy enough Mountain Dew to quench the thirst of a small country, come back home, and get upset that I let myself miss two whole minutes of football action.

Scoff at the fact that the Big Ten game seems to be going very slowly.

11:00 AM

Get hungry at about this time and begin preparing food for later in the day while keeping my eyes glued to the screen. A mess usually ensues and I get upset about it, even though it was expected. Start thinking about the later games.

12:00 PM

Big Ten games end and once again I swear that I will never see a more boring style of football. Get about a 30 minute break and throw some burgers on the grill, before the CBS crew comes on the screen with the SEC broadcast of the day

1:00 PM

SEC game of the day kicks off, and once again I think about how this is real football. Watch intently with surround sound all the way up and try to make as much noise in my isolated viewing room as possible. React to everything that goes on in the game, and take any mention of another team as a direct insult to Alabama and Myself.

2:00 PM

Watch the SEC game and occasionally flip to other games in the second slate of things. Always wonder if the surround sound is broken when I flip to another game, but then realize it's just the fact that other games aren't as loud as the SEC.

4:00 PM

Second slate ends, allowing me an hour break. Make more food and prepare for the prime time game, which is usually the game of the day. Read into the game as much as I can in this hour, and perform social duties.

6:00 PM

Game of the day kicks off and I choose sides in it. After all, it's no fun being neutral. Watch all the hard hitting action and criticize every play call that I deem to be "not the way the Bear would do it" and scoff at every coaching move that "Saban wouldn't do".

Get really into the game and am told many times that the TV will never respond, no matter how many times I yell at it. House pets begin avoiding me.

7:00 PM

Watch Pac 10 games and prime-time game interchangeably. Wonder why ASU can never have a football following like those I see on TV. Make Traditional 7 PM Smoothie which I call "The Crimson Tide", a smoothie with lots of strawberry's and Cherry's.

9:00 PM

Last slate of games usually ends. Look back on the day with satisfaction and jump on the computer to check all the scores and devise my own poll after that.

Listen to talk radio shows about the games and sometime, anytime, that night, I drift off to sleep hearing radio broadcasts where fans call in and give their two cents, and dream about what is to come the next Saturday.


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