College Football Meets March Madness

BabyTateSenior Writer IMarch 23, 2009

What is more exciting, the college bowl games or the NCAA Tournament?

For years this was a legitimate argument, particularly when there were many big bowl games that mattered and not just the so-called BCS Title match.

Now, the college football-only fans wish they had something as exciting as the all or nothing free for all called "March Madness."

Looking back upon the past 50 years, there have been several times when college football met "March Madness" and the two sports were the better off for it.

Let's go back over the past half century and see who can remember some of those fantastic moments of sports history.

1. Which Heisman Trophy winning quarterback led his basketball team to the Final Four as a star point guard?

2. This Tennessee star was a first team AP All-American and SEC Player of the Year in basketball, while leading his team to the conference title and the Sweet 16. A first team All-American in football as a punter, he went on to play pro basketball and pro football, eventually winning the Super Bowl.

3. This talented quarterback won the Heisman Trophy during the same season his school won the National Championship in football. As a point guard on the basketball team, he led his squad to the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. Name him.

4. Name the powerful, but tragic, Washington Husky star defensive end who doubled as a center on the UW basketball team. The two-sport star fouled out future ESPN basketball guru Jay Bilas as the Huskies defeated Duke in the 1984 NCAA tournament.

5. What school won the National Championship in basketball and BCS Title in football during the same school year?

6. This star tight end on the California football team also found time to play power forward for the basketball squad that advanced to the Sweet 16. Name him.

7. When this Big Ten school won the football and basketball conference championship during the same year, they made their only Rose Bowl appearance in history. Who is it?

8. This powerfully built quarterback led the California Bears to the Rose Bowl, and also played on the basketball squad which advanced to the Elite Eight. Later, as a head coach, he would orchestrate a college football moment known as "The Play."

9. Currently a White House aide to President Obama, this former Duke football player was also an important member of the 2001 National Championship basketball team. No doubt you would love to name him.

10. What school of the following list has the largest number of combined BCS Football National Championships and NCAA Basketball Tournament Championships? Maryland, Oklahoma, Kansas, Southern California, LSU, Oregon State, or Florida?