Fantasy Fallout: Old Faces, New Places

Jeff SugarSenior Analyst IJuly 24, 2007

IconDid you miss me?
If you did, it's probably because you're not ready for Fantasy Football yet.
Watching baseball is great, but if you've spent the season shafted with fantasy players like Chris Carpenter, Mark Prior, Barry Zito, Jason Schmidt, and Ryan much fun could you really be having?
Thankfully, Fantasy Football is here to give you a second chance. In that spirit, let's take a look at some players who moved around this offseason:
Once the face of the Ravens offense, Lewis has clearly lost a step in recent years. Moving to the Browns means sharing carries...and hoping that LeCharles Bentley keeps the line intact.
Willis McGahee-Baltimore Ravens
With Lewis gone, McGahee hopes he can return to the 2005 form that made everyone draft him so high in 2006. Just remember to target Musa Smith as a handcuff in the event that McGahee goes down.
Travis Henry-Denver Broncos
If the Broncos didn't have a revolving door at running back last year, they certainly will this year.
Sure, Denver threw big money at Henry (and I don't see why, given that he wanted out of Tennessee anyway) you'd think he'd be the starting back. But you forget that Coach Skeletorer, Shanahan likes to make fantasy owners miserable (remember the Mike Bell/Tatum Bell incident last year?).
Be sure to draft the entire Broncos roster as a handcuff...just in case.
(Old Team, New Value: LenDale White)
Ahman Green-Houston Texans
I think it's safe to say that Domanick Davis isn't coming back.
Green, who's an excellent pass-catching back but isn't so much into the whole "running" thing, will be working with an awful offensive line and an inexperienced quarterback.
And not only is Green entering a new hell—he brought the bane of his existence, Samkon Gado, with him. Avoid if you can.
(Old Team, New Value: Vernand Morency)
Dont' Stallworth, Randy Moss, Wes Welker - New England Patriots
Aside from improving their return game, the Pats boosted their passing attack to unfathomable heights this offseason.
Both Stallworth and Moss have what it takes to post huge numbers with Tom Brady. Talk about a jump in value.
Speaking of value, is Corey Dillon gone? I'll be sure to tell Laurence Maroney, because he's going to be getting almost every carry now.
Sammy Morris could turn into a third-down back, but it's more likely that Maroney will see the ball more than ever. Look for his value to skyrocket as draft time approaches.
(Old Team, New Value: Reggie Brown, Jerry Porter)
New York Jets-Thomas Jones
Forget about Cedric Houston and Leon Washington (if haven't already), because they'll play second fiddle to Jones.
Before you get too excited, though, remember that Jones played for the Bears the past few seasons—and they have a pretty good offensive line. The Jets, on the other hand, do not. Add the fact that Jones isn't the second coming of Curtis Martin, and you can officially quell your enthusiasm.
(Old Team, New Value: Cedric Benson)
Joe Horn-Atlanta Falcons
Michael Vick AKA "Ron Mexico" AKA "Ookie" will have more than enough on his mind before he even thinks about trying to incorporate Joe Horn into the offense.
Joe Horn will probably say that Joe Horn doesn't get enough balls thrown to Joe Horn, and that makes Joe Horn mad.
Welcome to the Falcons, Joe.
(Old Team, New Value: Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, Terrance Copper)
Tatum Bell-Detroit Lions
Guess Mike Martz got tired of Kevin Jones' iffy production.
Jones, who dominated as a receiver out of the backfield, will try to distinguish himself from Bell—a younger, more talented back with soft hands.
Unless Jones gets hurt (again), look for him to be a third-down back and a solid handcuff.
Ashley Lelie-San Francisco 49ers
Lelie has a lot of pressure on him now, because one more screwup means he might literally be out of a job. Still, his ridiculous speed makes him a fantasy dream, and the 49er gig will be his first time as a WR #1.
Unfortunately, it really doesn't help when your quarterback is Alex Smith.
Drew Bennett-St. Louis Rams
Bennett's presence actually doesn't benefit anyone in St. Louis other than Marc Bulger.
Bennett won't get as many balls thrown his way as he did in Tennessee—but the looks he does get will probably be high-percentage attempts, resulting in more completions.
Torry Holt will still rule the passing game, and it's not like the rest of the receiver corps is wanting for talent.
(Old Team, New Value: Any Tennessee WR/TE)
Jeff Garcia-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Garcia's presence puts some pressure on Chris Simms, and whichever one turns out to be the healthier, more accurate passer will get the nod. 
Either way, make sure you know who's starting before you make your move.