Middle School Wrestling Match Becomes Beautiful Sports Moment

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A random middle school wrestling match in some Tennessee town was the location for a sports moment the entire world should see. 

I dare you to watch the video posted without shedding a tear, breaking a smile or just admitting that, yes, humans can be pretty awesome to one another at times. 

The video was spotted by Cosby Sweaters and apparently features two middle school wrestlers in a match set at Sunset Middle School in Brentwood

The kid who is placed on the mat before the match starts is Jared Stevens. According to YouTube, Stevens has severe cerebral palsy. 

The kid loves sports and will not be denied his chance at competing, no matter what awful cards he was dealt. The YouTube description even mentions he participated in a football game last year. 

Here he is wrestling against another kid—12-year-old Justin Kievit

We call him a kid because his age works in tandem with the statement, but it's not fitting when you consider his actions on the mat. 

This child does everything he can to lend his fellow man a helping hand in experiencing the joys of this particular sport. 

He goes in for a typical wrestling struggle, but pulls Stevens over the top of him in an embrace that yields a loss for Kievit but also the appreciation of all those who see this video. 

We are humbled and thankful to have seen such an amazing moment from a corner of the nation where awesome took place. 

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