NO WAY OUT 2009: The Elimination Chamber Match Returns

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2009

This year No Way Out hosted from Seattle, WA and for the second time, the Elimination Chamber Match returns to the No Way Out PPV. 

In 2008 people witnessed two Elimination Chamber Matches thatdetermined a new #1 contender at Wrestlemania 24. This year however, the Elimination Chamber Matchcontested either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship.

And at this year's No Way Out, nobody saw what was to occur in both of the Elimination Chamber Matches. So both Champions John Cena and Edge were at a disadvantage from the start. 

For the second time in under two years, a WWE Title Match opened up a PPV (last time was at No Mercy 2007). The opening contest of the night was the first of two Elimination Chamber Matches of the night as Edge defended his WWE Title against Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker, Vladimir Kozlov, and the Big Show.

The biggest shocker of the match was Edge being eliminated first during the first four minutes of the match by Jeff Hardy. So with Edge being pinned first, we were guaranteed a new WWE Champion. Kozlov entered first followed by the Big Show who entered second.

Jeff Hardy was playing the under dog role as he was here there alone with the monsters Kozlov and Big Show. Triple H entered the match third and he took care of business from the start. Undertaker entered the match last.

Kozlov was the next man to be eliminated after suffering the Last Ride from the Undertaker. Big Show would be eliminated next after taking a superplex from the Undertaker off the top rope followed by a Pedigree from Triple H and a swanton bomb by Jeff Hardy from the top of a chamber.

Undertaker would then eliminate Jeff Hardy next with a Tombstone Piledriver. That would lead the match to Triple H and Undertaker.

Undertaker and Triple H would put on a tremendous dream match for everybody that people wanted to see for a very, very long time. If they didn't performed like they did being the final two, this match could've been close being the worst ECM in history.

After Triple H and Undertaker both taking each other signature and finishing moves, it was Triple H after scoring a second Pedigree who got the elimination on the Deadman and became a recognized World's Champion for an impressive 13th time.

After seeing a new WWE Champion crowned in Triple H, Edge pleads to his wife and Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero to restart the match. Vickie tells Edge whats done is done and she can't do anything about it.

This would only lead to what was going to occur later in the night involving Edge and the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match.

Before the No Holds Barred Match got underway between Randy Orton and Shane McMahon, Orton cut a very personal promo about Vince McMahon and what he was going to do to the rest of the McMahons in the weeks to come, starting with Shane in this upcoming No Holds Barred Match.

During the match, Shane didn't look to be showing any rust at all since not wrestling in about two years or so. Shane brought it to the Legend Killer with fists and hard blows. The match would then get taken to the outside where Shane introduced trash cans and a table.

Shane then soon cleared off an announce table to perform his patented elbow drop through the announce table on Randy Orton. That was before Orton's Legacy, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes interfered.

After taking out Dibiase, Shane would take out Rhodes by doing his "Coast to Coast" trash can shot to Cody who was lying in the opposite corner. Shane then turns his focus back onto the bloody body of Orton who was still lying on the announce table.

As Shane leaps off the top rope, Orton moves and Shane crashes into the announce table. Orton would then to dominate Shane back in the ring. Even suplexing Shane off the top rope through a wooden table that was set up in the ring.

Shane would eventually fight back with help of a few kendo shots to Orton. With Orton on his knees, Shane gets ready to punt Orton just like Orton punted Shane's father, Vince. But as Shane tries to hit Orton with the punt, Orton nips up and hits a sudden RKO on Shane to get the win. 

The next match would be for the ECW Championship as "The All American-American" Jack Swagger defended his championship against "The Tough Irishman" Finlay. Honestly though, ff this match didn't follow the awesome WWE Title Elimination Chamber and the No Holds Barred Matches, the match would have been better then what it was.

The crowd was completely dead during this match except for the early "WE WANT CHRISTIAN" chants in the match.

After targeting the arm, Jack Swagger begin to apply some old school wrestling moves to wear down and damage the arm of Finlay. After taking out Finaly's son Hornswoggle, Swagger hits the gut wrench power bomb to get the win and remain ECW Champion.

The All or Nothing Match between Shawn Michaels and John "Bradshaw" Layfield was the most emotional match of the night. And with Shawn's wife Rebecca sitting at ringside crying did more for the match then anything else.

The crowd started to come back alive here in this match. JBL was a classic heel in this match, taunting HBK's wife and taunting HBK himself throughout the match. At times it seemed like JBL was going to put away HBK. Even taking out HBK with two hard hitting Clotheslines From Hell.

After taking two Clotheslines from Hell, Shawn just rolls outside. JBL then follows and begin to yell at and taunt Rebecca who was sitting in the front row. But when JBL gets too close, Shawn's wife Rebecca would slap JBL and that would give HBK the opportunity to turn this match around.

Once back in the ring, Shawn dropped a big elbow drop onto JBL then proceeded to warm up Sweet Chin Music. When JBL stood to his feet, Shawn delivered, and to quote from Michael Cole, "The Sweetest Sweet Chin Music of his life" to get the pin. After getting the win over JBL, Shawn celebrated with Rebecca as they financially part ways from the evil JBL.

The main event of the night was the second Elimination Chamber Match as John Cena prepared to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio, and Kane.

However, during Kofi Kingston's entrance, Edge came out of nowhere and took out Kingston with a con-chair-to into the steel steps. Edge would then enter the Chamber and lock himself into one of the glass pods.

Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho started the match with Kane entering the match first. Rey and Y2J would have the best showings of the match lasting all the way to the final three along with Edge.

Rey Mysterio brought cool and interesting moves to the chamber that we haven't seen before yet. Kane surprisingly would be the first man to be eliminated after Mysterio delivered a senton bomb from the top of a chamber pod. Mike Knox entered the match second and also became the second man to be eliminated after taking a Codebreaker from Chris Jericho.

Edge entered the match third. Rey went right the Edge before he could get out of the blocks for what Edge did to Kofi Kingston before the match actually started. John Cena entered the match last and fought like he was set on fire. But after a spear from Edge would become the third man eliminated.

Rey would eliminate Chris Jericho next after Jericho tried to apply the Wall of Jericho on Mysterio but Mysterio countered and rolled up Jericho for the elimination. Edge and Mysterio would now fight over for the World Heavyweight Title.

Edge and Mysterio put on a good battle being the final two. But they didn't deliver like the Undertaker and Triple H did from the first Elimination Chamber Match earlier in the night.

After throwing Mysterio's head into the glass chamber pod, Edge scored with a spear to become World Heavyweight Champion again. Edge truly lived up to his name as the "Ultimate Opportunist" on this night.