Juan Pablo Montoya: a Short Track Racer? Que Es Bristol Papa?

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Juan Pablo Montoya: a Short Track Racer?  Que Es Bristol Papa?
(Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR)

This might be some of the conversation between Juan Pablo Montoya's international fans, que es Bristol? What is Bristol? What is a short track?

There was no choice for the No. 42 team, they had to step it up with no excuses and get er done and they did.

A long awaited top 10 came at a most unexpected place, Bristol, the holy grail of short track fans.

I'm am told that if you go there, it is such a big religious experience, it will keep you coming back year after year, a must pilgrimage if you will.

Was Bristol an exciting race? I don't think so, but it had a few "oh God" moments, most of the race was clean, no big wrecks.

Good guy Jamie McMurray and Juan Pablo Montoya got into a "you bang me and I bang you thing," it ended as this things always do, someone got punted.

That incident was a shame, there was no need for that, specially so early in the race, but I guess boys will be boys and racing is rubbing, well you know all the sayings.

NASCAR warned Montoya but didn't penalized him, at least NASCAR is being consistent on the punting thing, they aren't punishing anyone. At least Montoya got a break for once!

Okay, so No. 42 had a great short track race, next week there will be another, if they can get another top 10 at Martinsville, I'll have to say, Hey! Juan is a short track driver.

Well, knock me over with a feather.

Congrats No. 42 team, great job today, they are only 35 points from the chase.

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