NCAA Tournament: The Wrap-Up and My Bracket Pain

Gabe SimondsContributor IMarch 23, 2008

Since my bracket bombed, although Texas vs. UNC, in the final is still possible, I feel I need to share the agony with everyone, with my very own, tournament wrap-up. 

My bracket had: Duke in the Final Four and Georgetown in the Elite Eight, combined with Drake, Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh, as part of my Sweet Sixteen. Therefore, you can see what really destroyed my bracket. 

I am extremely, extremely scared when March 27 & 28 come around, especially for Texas, who along with Tennessee is destined to be upset instead of upsetting. 

If you predicted two, four seeds and two, five seeds to lose that is fine. However, don't say you predicted two, two seeds to lose, as well. 

I won't believe you if you tell me you did, unless you made fewer than four brackets and you can prove it to me. Even then, I would have my doubts about it.

Therefore, if you think your bracket is bad, you aren't the only one feeling the pain. 

Last year, Wisconsin lost to UNLV in second round, but that was predictable. Two years ago, Wisconsin lost in the first round, but remember, that was George Mason's year, everything was nuts. I mean, really, George Mason played Wichita State in the Sweet Sixteen that year. 

This year, Duke was ice cold from the three-point line, versus West Virginia, which I never knew three-pointers were their whole game, until that game in Washington, D.C..

What did Georgetown not have, that Davidson did? Curry. 

Drake had weak opponents, Vanderbilt got crushed by Siena, and Clemson only had the press and mid-majors against them.

CBS college basketball analyst, Billy Packer, complained that the Missouri Valley Conference had too many teams in the tourney.

As for, UConn, well, they've won too much in past, with Okafor leading way. 

So, keep watching the NCAA Tournament, it really is unpredictable. 

Nine times out of ten, a team will lose to a higher ranked team, but the one time it wins, could be in the tournament. That is why it is such a great event. 

It sometimes isn't the best team that wins, but the one with the most clutch, who has momentum and does well under pressure. 

Experience matters, as we saw with Florida in 2007 and yes, in 2006. This is why the Tar Heels and Bruins are safer choices in this year's tournament, with Tennessee and Memphis close behind. 

As a final word: in an episode of "Around the Horn," J.A. Adande said the NCAA Tournament was too boring, yet he picked the Pistons and the Spurs in the NBA finals. Well, then here's how the NCAA repays an insult. 

That statement by Adande, could not have been any further from the truth. This tournament has been filled with great games, many buzzer beaters, great upsets and is very unpredictable. The amazing part is, this is the beginning and not even close to the end. So, be sure to tune in for the rest of the games.

Curse you, if can resist this in your free time.