WWE News: Vince McMahon Releases Official Statement Regarding Punk and WWE Title

Gone Baby GoneContributerDecember 5, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, this may be the first time that Vince McMahon has released a statement regarding anyone's injury.

In fact, most times the GM or authority figure is left to make announcements regarding injuries, match changes or title status.

Now, news is coming from WWE.com that Vinnie Mac has released a statement on the topic:

CM Punk will be in no condition to defend the WWE Title against Ryback at the TLC Pay-Per-View on Sunday, Dec. 16. However, Ryback does deserve a WWE Title match against CM Punk and will have the opportunity in the very near future.

The statement, continued here, also mentions Ryback's new match, as he is now joining forces with Team Hell No taking on all three members of The Shield.

Surprisingly, it appears Punk will remain champ during his hiatus. Which is surprising, considering initial reports had Punk out for a month or two. Keep in mind, previous injured champions, including Shawn Michaels and John Cena, have been stripped of the strap if they couldn't defend it for 30 days or more. Now, it appears the WWE is going to let that "rule" slide in order to keep their Royal Rumble main event intact.

Overall, I am hopeful that the WWE doesn't shoot themselves in the foot with this decision. Personally, I feel the company could stand for an old-school tourney for the title. In fact, they could even shake up the TLC pay-per-view and feature the tournament the at the event.

This would allow them to stick with the theme and use different stipulations for each match. Then, the main event could feature an all-out TLC match with the WWE title dangling above the ring. Ultimately, the winner could take on Punk at either an upcoming pay-per-view or Raw, and Punk could win back the title in time for the Royal Rumble. Which would keep the Punk-Rock match alive.

In the end, this is wishful thinking on my part. So, I guess we will have to hang in there and see how the next few weeks unfold.