Philadelphia 76ers Stock Watch: Rising and Falling Players After First Month

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IDecember 5, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers Stock Watch: Rising and Falling Players After First Month

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    As the Philadelphia 76ers' have opened the season on their own high and lows collectively, each player has gone through their own trends as well. Through the first month of the season, some players have raised and some players have lowered their stock value.

    However, understand that not everyone can be classified as rising or falling because most players have been doing as expected. It is the ones that either under or overachieve that can be considered as such.

    Basically, if a player's stock value has changed, then they make the list. If the player's value has not changed, then he will not be on the list. Simple as that.

    While the Sixers always look to develop chemistry and complement one another, each player individually maintains their own agenda. Let's get started...

Andrew Bynum: Falling

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    I think we already know where this is going. As expected at this point, Bynum's stock will inevitably drop (its degree pending on how serious his injury is).

    His stock issue directly affects his contract because there is no doubt that teams will be extremely cautious approaching Bynum, including the Sixers. 

    With all of that said, despite his absence, the Sixers are still competing and winning games. Players are breaking out of their shells and others keep doing their part by filling in their roles. Nevertheless, fans and the Sixers organization want their valuable big man on the court as soon as possible.

    It has almost become a tragedy to keep thinking to yourself, "What if he was on the court right now!?" Sadly, we can only imagine and it was part of what the risk entailed.

Thaddeus Young: Rising

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    Thaddeus Young has been doing his thing— hustling on every play and utilizing his quickness to get around bigger men.

    Despite being the smallest big man on the squad, the 6-8 forward leads the team in rebounds per game (7.7). He manages to adapt by  forcing mismatches against opposing teams.

    An important thing to notice about Young is his improvement in mid-range shot and overall consistent scoring. He has recorded double digits in all but two games this year which has helped him average over 14 per game.

    With a field goal percentage above 52 percent, his offensive production has been exceptional, especially when establishing the improvement he has made from last season.

    It's the attitude and hustle that wins over every fan's love for Thad, and his stellar first month only compels the fans to love him even more.

Spencer Hawes: Falling

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    His stock is going down, but it does not hurt as much because we all saw it coming. Every year he starts off hot, but cools down fast.

    I am not sure if this is just me, but because Hawes is 7-2, I always convince myself that he should and will be a force scoring, defensively and on the boards. Yet, this year he is averaging just 7.2 points and 5.2 rebounds per game.

    Those are career-lows since his rookie season. 

    Plus, he has been in a recent slump averaging just 5.3 points per game over the last eight games. Now, to Hawes' defense, he has seen a decrease in playing time and he is shooting efficiently (43 percent). And, of course, he will always be Hawesome.

    However, the career low numbers are hard to ignore and put together a convincing argument for his stock to drop.

Evan Turner: Rising

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    Entering this year, fans really anticipated to watch Evan Turner sprout now that Andre Iguodala was out of the picture. And after being labeled a draft bust by many, Turner is showing what he is worth.

    Averaging 14.1 points, 7.1 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game, Turner is clearly doing a little bit of everything to help the team. In fact, he ranks second on the team in each of these categories.

    He has also made significant strides with his three point shot, improving from shooting 22 percent to 42 percent.

    Turner is an all-around contributor, but he has also proven he can go off on the scoring side. Turner has been the lead scorer in five of their 18 games this year.

    This season Turner has displayed nearly everything he is capable of doing and it is reassuring to see that whenever he focuses on a certain aspect for a game, he will flourish in it,

Jrue Holiday: Rising

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    Put simply: Jrue Holiday's stock is going through the roof.

    Holiday has made the biggest strides out of any Sixer thus far, leading the team in points (18.5) and assists (9.3) per game. Keep in mind these numbers are a substantial improvement from last year's 13.5 and 4.5.

    Plus, he is shooting a career best 46 percent from the field and nearly 40 percent from three point range. Simply through the stats, it seems as though Holiday has finally figured out how to put his talents all together.

    He is taking control of the offense, distributing the ball and demanding the ball in last-minute situations. The young man is growing into a stud.

    Holiday has thoroughly demonstrated he can be the durable point guard the Sixers needed him to be and has solidified himself as the Sixers' most valuable player thus far.