4 Reasons AC Milan Have Lost Their Spot as a Top Transfer Target

Jack Alexandros Rathborn@@jackrathbornContributor IIIDecember 6, 2012

4 Reasons AC Milan Have Lost Their Spot as a Top Transfer Target

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    AC Milan are in the midst of one of the worst periods in the club's history since Silvio Berlusconi assumed the ownership in 1986.

    The Rossoneri have been languishing in the bottom half of the table, even just a few points above the relegation zone through the opening half of the 2012-13 season.

    Money is tight, as was proven by the sales of Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but that's not all that is wrong with the most decorated club in world football.

    Here are four reasons why Milan are not considered a prime target for some of Europe's most talented and valuable players.

Financially Unable to Compete

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    Milan's transfer kitty is not what it used to be, which means they are unable to compete with some of Europe's biggest players when the best talent becomes available on the market.

    It is simply unrealistic for the Rossoneri to be able to compete with the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and PSG.

    Silvio Berlusconi has been unable to inject his significant wealth into the club for some time. There are numerous reasons for this, including his inability to free up funds during his time as Prime Minister of Italy, not to mention the enormous fine that was handed out to his holding company last year.

    Milan need to join the trend that is striking it lucky by acquiring a sugar daddy who can bankroll them into contention for some world's most coveted players.

Serie A's Importance Has Diminished

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    Serie A used to be the most important league in world football, boasting an incredible six of the first eight FIFA World Player of the Years during the 90's.

    Now, La Liga and the Premier League have usurped them over the last decade, not to mention the rise of the Bundesliga, leaving Serie A with only three places for the Champions League.

    This is undeniably a factor, as it makes Milan's task to provide Champions League-level football that much more difficult.

    Stadium capacity must also play a part, particularly when you see how inspiring the crowds tend to be in the Bundesliga and the Premier League at most of the clubs.

    Serie A now ranks fourth in Europe for average attendance, with less than half of the average crowd you will see at Germany's top flight matches.

    Milan are hurt by their league's ineptitude and plight in recent years, but this cannot be the sole reason for their fall from grace.

Lack of Immediate Success

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    Milan are a club in transition, which makes them a less attractive proposition for a player ready to move.

    The Rossoneri are at the beginning of a new era, so any player will likely have to be patient before being able to compete for trophies, an increasingly important factor for the modern-day footballer.

    It is not so attractive these days to be expected to endure some troublesome times before eventually being rewarded. The modern-day footballer is spoiled and can click his fingers to his agent and change his scenario within six months.

    Yes, it will take a special character and not just talent to be able to shun the overtures of some clubs better equipped to compete more quickly.

Managerial Uncertainty

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    Massimiliano Allegri is fortunate to still be the manager of AC Milan. It's that simple.

    The former Cagliari tactician has delivered some appalling results, as well as some poor performances that have led many to suggest that he would be sacked time and time again.

    But Max is still here, which makes you wonder: Did Adriano Galliani resist the temptation to sack the manager due to financial constraints? Or maybe there could be an ulterior motive?

    Maybe the right man was not available to replace Allegri, as the Mirror reported that Silvio Berlusconi is very keen on Pep Guardiola, whose services are not available presently.

    Time will tell whether it was genuine faith shown towards Allegri by the president, but the possibility that the manager will remain with the club for the foreseeable future is, of course, unlikely.

    Any player set for a transfer will want to know that the manager he is signing for will not be at risk of being sacked any time soon, something that Milan cannot promise right now.