A Photo Essay of Jarrett Jack's Absurd Basketball Shoe Collection

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A Photo Essay of Jarrett Jack's Absurd Basketball Shoe Collection

NBA players are notorious sneakerheads, some more than others, but it goes without saying that if you spend the majority of your life running around on a basketball court, you're going to have some sort of affinity for shoes. Jarrett Jack seems to share that affinity.

Over the course of his career, and even before, Jack has collected shoes en masse. A few pairs of this, a handful of pairs of that and eventually you've collected a good number of sneakers.

Or, you know, 1,500 pairs of sneakers.

His collection is so absurdly enormous that he ended up having a bit of a war of the words last year with rapper Wale over who had the bigger shoe collection. Jack said Wale "couldn't compete" with him, so Wale responded in good fun:


Just to give you an idea of how immense Jacks's shoe collection is, we'll take a quick rundown of a tiny portion of what he's got in the closet at his house.

He's a notorious shoe tweeter, giving us a look at his piles and piles of shoes. Here's a look at a bunch of unorganized lefties and righties that he was waiting to add to his collection back in Atlanta.

Via: https://twitter.com/Jarrettjack03/status/196119455997231104

Then he's got a bunch on shelves in the "early stages" of his room.

Via: https://twitter.com/Jarrettjack03/status/211998218475679744

Jack goes about it in a fashionable way, of course, throwing together a shoe-pants combination that pops together when he's on the road.

Via: https://twitter.com/Jarrettjack03/status/214460078173069315

Of course, with so many pictures of his feet, he's also got a terrific collection of pictures of airport floors throughout his Twitter account.

Via: https://twitter.com/Jarrettjack03/status/216147425692356610

These are probably my favorites that he's tweeted so far. The way the orange, grey and black in the shoe goes perfectly with the hat is just amazing to me. That's more dedication than I have for looking good at the airport.

Via: https://twitter.com/Jarrettjack03/status/232140027797307393

Of course, when you find yourself with a chance to buy a pair of classics like these Jordan 11s, you gotta grab two pairs, right?

Via: https://twitter.com/Jarrettjack03/status/139530065603084288

Jack's dedication to shoes is beyond anything I could imagine in terms of collecting. Of course, if I pulled in an NBA salary I might think about grabbing a bunch of shoes as well.

Maybe I'll go ahead and start my own collection of 1,500 in a few days, actually.

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