Dean Ambrose: The Leader of the Shield Is About to Take WWE by Storm

Adam NystromCorrespondent IIDecember 4, 2012

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Ever since Survivor Series went off the air, the talk of WWE has not been about John Cena and AJ Lee's alleged relationship.  In fact, last night's Raw would be enough to make you believe that Cena has not been the center of the WWE Universe for years.  The hot topic remains The Shield, consisting of the three men from NXT who decided to bring justice to Raw.  

While it has not been clearly established, Dean Ambrose took on something of a leading role in their interview with Michael Cole last week.  He spoke first, addressed each question directed at their motives and laid out exactly why they were here and why they should not be compared to anybody else. 

I can't remember a time when a wrestler has so quickly captured everyone's attention simply by talking, as most people have yet to see Ambrose actually wrestle.  When they do, they will realize they are looking at someone who will be one of the most unique personalities WWE has ever seen.

I have seen Ambrose's name stacked up against people like Brian Pillman, Jake Roberts and Raven.  While commentating at Florida Championship Wrestling before it was merged with NXT, Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes compared him to James Dean.  Fans on B/R have mentioned Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker. 

All of the above are perfectly reasonable, but I would rather wait for analogies and simply call him the first Dean Ambrose.

There are inevitably going to be those who whine about his WWE character not being as good as what he did on the independent scene as Jon Moxley.  When he first signed a developmental deal with WWE, this may have been understandable.  Moxley's dark portrayal of a sick and disturbed man lent itself well to promotions like CZW, Dragon Gate USA and Evolve where content restrictions are not the same as what they are in WWE.

Now known as Dean Ambrose, he made short work of silencing those detractors with the match you can see here.  

Ambrose's match on the July 15, 2012 episode of FCW TV was the culmination of hatred on the part of Ambrose for William Regal thanks to a loss Ambrose suffered in November of 2011.  This was the last episode of FCW TV and the show closed with Regal laid out in the ring while the entire FCW locker room needed to band together to restrain Ambrose.  It is one of the most savage beatings of a veteran wrestler you will ever see, and Ambrose was nowhere to be found on the revamped version of NXT.

While many people started to wonder if we would ever see him again, it turned out that WWE was simply saving him for one of the biggest debuts in the history of wrestling.  Three times in a row, The Shield ambushed Ryback and sent the big man crashing to the ground. 

Last night, The Shield finally met their match at the end of the show when Daniel Bryan and Kane stormed the ring, looking for revenge after The Shield's calculated assault at the beginning of Raw.  Ryback joined the fight, and while Kane targeted Roman Reigns and Bryan got into it with Seth Rollins, there is something to be said about the fact that Ambrose was the one who fought Ryback.

CM Punk finally saw his luck run out and went through a table thanks to a powerbomb from Ryback.  What should not be overlooked is the fact that Dean Ambrose got into a fight with Ryback alone and lived to tell the tale.  Along with his teammates, he also went through the Tag Team Champions and Randy Orton

There is still no clear definition of what "injustice" they are trying to stop, but at this point, I don't care.

I just want to see what Ambrose and The Shield will do next, and that's how every episode of WWE should make you feel.