FiftyIV's Inferno: Searching for Answers, Taking the Long Shot

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 22, 2009


McMahon's voice echoed through my head as I worried about the force. What was my destiny? The ol' man can't talk now, he got punted. If only I could punt who I wanted. "Sup Guys!" Urghh, that spam. I trashed my entire bulletin board. The candle on my desk burned...I felt an inferno.

Before The Dynasty Manifesto there was an Inferno. Everything has an inception of some sorts. The big bang, then the universe. The sparks before the TNT kaboom. This was FiftyIV's Inferno. Who was FiftyIV? AkD himself. A man of many monikers strikes again.

FiftyIV's origin would have to be explained another time as I was on a mission. I will say that FiftyIV has been around longer than the AkD moniker. A perplexed mind mixed with a devastating cold can really take on toll one's body and thought process. An unwelcome visit to the office started off this night.

I had some things on my chest...things that needed to be addressed, solved, closed. I didn't own a car, so the subway was my option. New York City is dangerous at night, especially downtown.

I couldn't let this go. Heading home wasn't what I wished to do. Constant paperwork and pleading my case resulted in being sent home early. They wanted me gone. MVP, Christian was the flavor of the day, anything else and you were in hot water.

It was unbearable, it made me sick.

I got off the train at Columbus Circle and decided to head back into the city. I found the daily paper while I was shuffling my thoughts, I looked through it.

Sugar Shane Howard, D. Stokes, and D. Brown hosted Hit The Ropes Radio, every Wednesday 6pm-7:30 PM EST.

The Revolution was published by JLB, nothing less that great work. Then I saw the wanted section. It was the mysterious M. M, M, M, he was mysterious alright. A reward was offered for his identity.

My stop came and I exited. I wished to have spoken to Kumar, but doctors are busy in a world full of nut jobs. I would love to question him one-on-one, we could fret for days.

I entered the office with ease picking the lock as if I were a member of Cryme Tyme. I'm no thief, just a man looking for justice...answers. This would be a challenge tonight, as I wasn't 100 percent. Everything had to be recorded for future reference. I felt a sweat.

I felt the heat, the inferno.


Entry One, AkD's Long shot: "Inevitable Conflict". New York City, Midtown. March 22, 2009 1:54 AM

"I'm in a battle. My adversary is my current sickness, the common cold. That isn't the only battle though. Many seem to have their choices for MITB already. Just like any other fan, I have my own as well. I have seen group-think and conformity."

"The element known as foreshadowing has been overlooked. I have my choice, Mr. Benjamin. He isn't the most popular choice around here, but it didn't matter. The odds were stacked against me of course, but it wasn't unfamiliar territory."

"Why did I always take the long shot? Am I insane? Did I have ever lasting faith? Was I just too stubborn?! I made sense of my case, but it was no use. I envisioned a cigar in my mouth as I tried to put all the pieces together."

"I was a detective...detective AkD. I was on a mission to crack the case wide open. I'm talking wide, wider than Big Show and Mark Henry. I'm sweating heavily. I have to admit this is one nasty cold. My head is pounding. I couldn't think clearly."

"The only thing I knew...I was taking the long shot. I held the suspects in my hand. They were three of them. Who was gonna get that push? Unable to continue my night's work, I placed my head on my desk."

"The heat was rising. Too hot, too hot, everything burned and my vision seemed steamy. When I came to my senses, it was an Inferno...I passed out."


FiftyIV's Long shot I: "Going against The Current". New York City. School, Mar. 04- May 04'

Spring 2004

"Earlier in the school year, I praised my favorite wrestler Randy Orton. For one entire year I was the subject of ridicule as Orton was never looked at than nothing more than a cocky mid-card superstar.

"A rare gloating time came for me at Wrestlemania XX when he and Evolution claimed victory against the Rock and Sock Connection."

"Time to celebrate came again as Orton then disposed of Foley at Backlash as well. Critics in my environment were nowhere near convinced and I was the oddball. I could have very well been the only believer. Madman! They would say".

'"KD has finally lost it," some would say. Cena, Lesnar, Angle, even Batista were the toast of the town. As much as they pulled, I didn't budge. The school year would end in a stalemate, as I never gave in to group-think nor conformity."

Inferno ended...


Regaining consciousness, I gathered up to my feet. I picked up the sheets. Night was here and the city called for me. Maybe a nice movie in Times Square? No! I must get down to this.

I headed to the dark room after I took the mugshots off of the bulletin board. Who was it? I soaked the pictures and waited for the negatives, the results. Another case of "Christian Faith" had broken out.

The men yelled for an instant classic like babbling idiots and tried to convert everyone around them. Could it be him? Or was it MVP? This man has been on a roll lately and seems to be another favorite.

Screw him, screw Christian, I was convinced that this was of a "gold standard." Pacing around to mitigate the heat wasn't such as good idea as I became even more heated. I found my way to a chair as another inferno burned.

FiftyIV's Long shot II: "The 11Th Hour". New York City. Home 10:30 PM - 11 PM

August 2004

"The moment I had waited for was upon me. Orton's shot, my long shot. Benoit vs. Orton Summerslam 2004. Randy was great, but great enough to win. I considered him to be at the top of the mid-cards going into this matchup."

"Holding my head up to the smell of Vicks, I tried to stay awake...concussions. I had the headache of the century. Skipping my assignments, I sat with no regrets. Tropicana Orange Juice bottles were scattered all around my room. I picked up the charmin tissue roll and blew my nose that summer night."

"'The phone was near me. I knew no matter what the outcome that it would be ringing nonstop that night. Orton talked destiny, I talked dynasty. I gathered my thoughts. If this were two more years down the line, I'd say "Manifesto," an event that changed my life".'

'"The result that night could have only stemmed from "playing it safe" or "taking a chance." Snot ran down my nose as I stuffed it with more tissue. I was certain of a lot of things that night, except the inception of my cold."

"The two stars shined in the squared circle for the universe to all bear witness to. Unable to cool myself down, I began to sweat heavily. Flames, fire, sweat, heat, inferno, it was just too hot. As the match raged on, I thought about my outlook."

"I could have taken the safe road, I could have conformed, but why didn't I? As everything came down to the wire, I sweat more. Was I nervous? Was it the cold? This was it, this was the long shot. Benoit goes for the crossface and the chips hit the fan."

"The heat intensified  as I burned up in the room. Suddenly he is countered and within a blink of an eye, the RKO was executed. The next blink brought the pin, the one after showed the end. My heartbeat was rapid, but I didn't jump up."

"My head turned to the phone, not one single call. Bounded by sickness I clothes my eyes and went into slumber. The next day the Inferno had ended, as I went on my way to confront the non believers."

Inferno ended..


History is everyone's best least mine. It happened once, so why not again. One could argue the differences and situations between Orton and Mr. Benjamin, but I wasn't ready to let this go.

My Immune system wasn't as fast as I thought it was..or was I underestimating this cold. Underestimation is the word of the day. It very well may be a major reason to why I'm in this situation.

My mind had worked differently. I'll rather be dubbed a nut job than to embrace conformity, group-think, and things that I didn't believe in. The results are useless, I knew who the man was, but was I convinced? I threw the rest of the mugshots into the candles.

The lights were out, the electrician only works on weekdays. I watched them all burn. Slowly they diminished into ashes. Mr. Benjamin was my man, I knew it. The force thought I was bananas. How much longer did I have until I was thrown into the loony bin?

My chances were slim, but I liked it. I felt edgy, me Jeff Hardy. I had no cigars, so was I straightedge? CM Punk flashed into my mind. The same guy twice?! It couldn't fathom it. I heard voices down the hall.

These weren't Randy Orton voices, but actual voices. I grabbed my coat and hat and slipped down the fire escape into the alley below. Night was my cover. There were more pieces to the puzzle, but for time being...I was puzzled, or was I?

Another sweat broke out as I sat in the cab on my way home. Another inferno was probably on the way. FiftyIV's Long shot was far from over.


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