Why College Football Will Never Have a Tournament That Rivals NCAA Hoops

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IMarch 22, 2009

I am going to keep this one short and to the point.

I have previously written about how I have given up on a college football playoff system and how I think it may even be better to go back to the old bowl system. Watching the college hoops tournament (which never disappoints, by the way), I can easily see why it isn't possible in college football.

While I haven't commented on all of them, I've read each of the articles with college football playoff proposals, and to be honest, outside of a few, they all stink. They, in general, provide no answers and instead just create bigger problems.

While college hoops doesn't have it perfect and there is still some controversy in the selection process, they at least have the biggest part of the equation right: The polls are not part of the equation!

The polls are what is wrong with college sports. I honestly don't care about them any more, and just the mention of them makes me want to go down to the gym and pound the heavy bag for an hour.


I have heard arguments about just inviting the "best 65 teams" to the Dance.

What better way to decide it than how they do now? We use what the teams have done on the court. What would be a better formula to determine the top 65 than what they use today?

The guy I hear screaming about this the loudest sounds like an idiot when he talks. I know he isn't stupid, he went to a really good school and speaks well, and I certainly wouldn't want to mention his name in this forum to single him out, but he knows who he is and most people know who I am talking about.

Jay Bilas. Whoops, oh well.

Cleveland State knocked off Wake Forest. It wasn't a miracle shot like when the Vikings beat Syracuse earlier this year. It was a thourough beatdown which may take years for Wake to recover from (much like UConn hasn't ever recovered from their loss to George Mason a few years back).

In any football playoff proposals I read about, a football team like Cleveland State's basketball team wouldn't be in the tournament, but a team like Wake's basketball team surely would. What a joke!

So here's a novel idea for all of those people trying to solve the world's college football "problem." Why don't we start any proposal with what happened or happens on the field, not by what board member went to what school in what conference and what TV network thinks will produce the best ratings? CBS has already proved that if you create matchups based on what happens in games, people will watch.

With the economy bad and people cutting back everywhere, my guess is that no one has cut back on watching good, old fashioned, competitive sports. And we get that via matchups created by teams who earned their spot by winning important games.

Let's see if that works as a starting point for a college football playoff. Sounds like a good place to begin to me.

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