PSG: Top Managerial Candidates to Replace Carlo Ancelotti

Christopher Almeras@@redriverhockeyCorrespondent IIDecember 3, 2012

PSG: Top Managerial Candidates to Replace Carlo Ancelotti

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    With the disappointing form of PSG to date, coupled with their recent Ligue 1 failures, rumors of potential replacements for Carlo Ancelotti have begun to swirl.

    When ownership invests as much money into the squad as QSI has, the leash is incredibly short. Chances are, Ancelotti will be out by Christmas if things do not radically change immediately.

    Even a good run of form over the last few weeks before the winter break may not be enough to save Ancelotti and perhaps even director Leonardo.

    The following are the most likely replacements for Ancelotti.


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    At this point, it is anyone's guess as to whether Leonardo's job is in danger. If it is, a return to the bench may be what is required to save it.

    Leonardo has a good track record as a manager from his time in Italy, and has the ability to turn this around.

    He may get the chance because of his relationship with his players. He was the main reason many of the current players came to PSG. Perhaps his presence on the touchline could inspire them to achieve their potential.

Arsene Wenger

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    Perhaps the surprise inclusion in this group, Wenger is one of the names L'Equipe is reporting as a potential candidate.

    It is easy to see why there would be interest in Wenger. Outside of the obvious French connection, Wenger employs an appealing tactical style. With the players he would have at his disposal, Wenger's system could be devastating in Ligue 1.

    The chances of Wenger jumping ship for PSG are remote. It is hard to see him leaving Arsenal for PSG. The frugal Wenger would have a tough time working with a free spending ownership that craves star power. It just does not seem to fit Wenger's mode of operation.

Pep Guardiola

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    The former Barcelona manager is the biggest available coaching name. Guardiola knows how to integrate talent into a cohesive machine. His work at Barcelona gives ample proof of his ability.

    Perhaps the biggest stumbling block with Guardiola is his past relationship with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    During their time together at Barcelona, there was a lot of animosity. Ibrahimovic admitted in his autobiography that his falling out with Guardiola was his main reason for leaving Barcelona.

    This would seemingly rule out Pep, since ownership would not want to upset their star player. Even if Ibra was willing to work with Guardiola again, the chance is very small. Pep seems destined to return to the bench in England rather than Paris.

Jose Mourinho

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    This has been the most widely publicized name for nearly two months. Mourinho's resume is well known, and he is another coach who has excelled at handling player egos.

    A move for Mourinho would have the added bonus of making Paris more attractive for rumored target Cristiano Ronaldo. It would also help with potential moves for other big-name players due to Jose's reputation.

    The catch is getting Mourinho from Real Madrid. Despite some domestic struggles of their own, Madrid will be in no hurry to let their manager go. With that said, betting odds seem to favor Jose as the man to head to Paris.

Laurent Blanc

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    A true dark-horse candidate, Blanc's reputation in France and in the soccer world may get him a look. He has been a title winner in both his playing and coaching careers, and his defensive acumen would help with a current PSG weakness.

    The problem with Blanc is he is not the "big name" ownership more than likely wants. His roots in technique and build up play does not lend to an exciting style.

    This also may be a negative in the eyes of ownership. PSG appear to want to dominate in a stylish way, much like Barcelona.