WWE TLC 2012: A Perfect Time for Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio to Win Tag Titles

Jamie West@jamielogue94Analyst IIIDecember 3, 2012

Photo Courtesy of wwe.com
Photo Courtesy of wwe.com

Heading in to tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, there is no WWE Tag Team Championship match booked for upcoming pay-per-view, Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

With just under two weeks to go until the event, it is likely that steps will be taken toward booking a tag title match for the event tonight on Raw. With Team Rhodes Scholars' plans currently on hold due to the injury of Cody Rhodes, it would seem that two teams have a legitimate argument for being number one contender: Prime Time Players and the high-flying duo, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

Two weeks ago on Raw, the Tag Team Champions were facing off against Sin Cara and Mysterio, only for the match to be called a no contest following interference from Prime Time Players. Last week on Raw, Rey Mysterio defeated one half of the tag champs in a singles contest, arguably further solidifying his team's claim to the titles.

Although Prime Time Players were defeated in a six-man tag team match involving Team Hell No on SmackDown, they have been impressive as a heel tag team for long enough now to have earned a title match on pay-per-view.

The way the title scene appears to be going, we could well see a triple threat match Dec. 16, which could work well as either a TLC or ladder match.

As far as a winning pair goes, perhaps it is time for the titles to move on to new champions, and it would seemingly be a perfect time for Mysterio and Sin Cara to capture the gold, when considering their rumoured feud for WrestleMania 29.

While a potential breakup and subsequent 'Mania rivalry between the two cruiserweights would still work without a title run, it would be even more meaningful if the team managed to get to the top of the WWE tag team division first. Winning the Tag Team titles would be a first championship in WWE for the man formerly known as Místico. Thus, it's a potential emotional moment for both mentor and protégé, especially if the belts are won in underdog-like fashion in a high-risk gimmick match at the final PPV of the year.

Winning the championships at Tables, Ladders & Chairs would give Sin Cara and Mysterio the chance at having a decent two-month title reign, before perhaps losing the belts at Elimination Chamber, beginning their much anticipated road to WrestleMania thereafter. If WWE waits much later, they may never get the belts at all, which, while not disastrous, would be a shame.

Team Hell No have had a solid and entertaining run with the belts, but perhaps it is time for them to step aside and return to singles competition, first feuding amongst themselves before working their way back into the world title scenes.