Dolph Ziggler: Why Did He Lose to John Cena on Raw so Early in Their Feud?

Travis Taylor@@WriterTaylorFeatured ColumnistDecember 3, 2012

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Dolph Ziggler’s loss to John Cena on Raw last week made it very clear that the WWE isn’t ready for the Showoff to be world champion just yet.

And it may be that Ziggler doesn’t look the part of a dominant champion because of his size.

Despite holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, winning at Survivor Series and defeating The Miz and Randy Orton, Ziggler still seems stuck at square one. Every time the WWE builds him up, they turn around and knock him down again.


The WWE loves larger-than-life champions. At 6'0" and 213 pounds, Ziggler is, well, normal (via There have been smaller guys who have won the world heavyweight title, but the majority have been 6’4” or bigger—men like Orton, Mark Henry, Big Show, Edge, Kane and Batista, to name a few.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet of Action 19 News in Cleveland, OH, Ziggler agrees that if he were bigger, he’d be a multi-time world champion by now.

Either the WWE is going to push Ziggler and make him a superstar, or they’re not. Right now, it looks like they might not ever do it.

Ever since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase and guaranteeing himself a title shot, Ziggler has been on the cusp of greatness.

Take Survivor Series, for instance.

Ziggler was the lone survivor for his team, knocking off multi-time champion Orton. He followed this up with victories over Miz and Orton again.

When he began to feud with Cena, it looked like the WWE was setting Ziggler up for an impressive victory.

He looked strong early on, delivering a brutal beat-down on Cena in the locker room after verbally smacking AJ Lee. He came out so strong that he escaped Cena placing him in the STF on SmackDown with his intensity still intact.

A match between these two is certainly pay-per-view quality. And it was nice to see a pay-per-view quality match on Monday Night Raw. To make matters worse, Ziggler also didn’t defeat Sheamus on SmackDown. After Big Show was fought off, Cena flattened Ziggler with an Attitude Adjustment.

Twice in one week, former world champions beat him.

If the WWE is trying to put over Ziggler as world championship material, why did he not only lose, but also lose by pinfall?

As I mentioned earlier, the WWE may be unsure of the prospects of a Ziggler world title reign based only on his size. Why else would he lose this big match so early in the feud?

On the other hand, perhaps the WWE hasn’t shied away from Ziggler and they know exactly what they’re doing. If the WWE Universe becomes so accustomed to Ziggler losing and not reaching the top, what is going to happen when he does reach the pinnacle?

Maybe Ziggler’s path to greatness just has a few more curves than previously thought.

But that might be wishful thinking. Because if even Ziggler himself thinks his size may be holding him back, then there must be something to it.