Breaking Down the Seattle Seahawks' Pro Bowl Candidates

Todd Pheifer@tpheiferAnalyst IIIDecember 4, 2012

Breaking Down the Seattle Seahawks' Pro Bowl Candidates

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    The Pro Bowl is not necessarily a desirable destination for many NFL players these days. However, it still represents a level of prestige, as players who make the Pro Bowl are regarded as some of the best performers of the year.

    When it comes to Pro Bowl candidates, the Seattle Seahawks have a number of players who are possible selections. Seattle does not necessarily have a lot of individuals that are locks for the Pro Bowl, but by the end of the season there may be some 'Hawks on the team.

    Here is a breakdown of the Seattle Seahawks' Pro Bowl candidates for the 2012 season.

Russell Wilson

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    Russell Wilson has certainly come a long way since being selected in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

    The Pro Bowl is not all about statistics, but the numbers certainly help. Wilson has won games and continued to grow as a player, but he is not necessarily putting up “big” numbers.

    Still, he has the sixth-best passer rating in the NFC. If he continues to play well in the last four games of the season, he may continue to climb up that list.

    If Russell stays on his current pace, he will finish with 2,700 yards, 23 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

    At this point, I don’t know if Wilson has a great chance of making the Pro Bowl, but his stock is certainly rising.

    If Wilson puts together a few 300-yard, multi-touchdown games, he may find himself receiving more Pro Bowl votes.

Marshawn Lynch

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    Beast Mode may be headed to his second-straight Pro Bowl if he keeps churning out productive games and pounding through opposing defenses.

    Through 12 games, Lynch is the second-leading rusher in the NFC and the third-best rusher in the NFL.

    Lynch has not found the end zone as many times as other backs, such as Adrian Peterson and rookie Doug Martin.

    However, Marshawn is arguably in the prime of his career and if he stays on this pace, he will run for over 1,400 yards. That would be a career high for Lynch.

    Of all the Seahawks on the 2012 roster, Lynch may have one of the better chances at making the Pro Bowl.

Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner

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    The reputation of Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner is certainly growing around the NFL.

    Seattle is regarded as a top-tier defense in large part because of its dominant secondary. It certainly isn't perfect, and it's looked shaky a few times this season.

    However, Brandon Browner went to the Pro Bowl last year for a reason.

    This season, Sherman has four picks and Browner has three, which has helped create one of the best DB duos in the league. They are also doing pretty well to avoid penalties (via ESPN).

    Of course, these two are grouped together in this article for a reason.

    Possible (Or, likely?) suspensions.

    If Sherman and Browner get suspended, Pro Bowl talk may be the least of their concerns.

    On paper, these two are candidates. In reality, they may not be available.

Kam Chancellor

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    When you are measuring the impact of certain defenders, there is a combination of statistics and reputation.

    Kam Chancellor made the Pro Bowl last season, so it seems reasonable to assume that he would be on people's minds again.

    Based on statistics, Chancellor ranks fifth (via in the NFC when it comes to tackles and assists. Kam does not have any interceptions in 2012, but the reputation of the Seattle defense may help his cause.

    If Sherman and Browner are lost to suspensions, Chancellor may get even more exposure to go along with an increased workload. 

Earl Thomas

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    Earl Thomas was a starter on last year's Pro Bowl team, and this may be a position that he occupies for a number of years if he maintains his production.

    Again, the safety position can be hard to measure, simply because they may have varied statistical production based on the effectiveness of the overall offense.

    For example, Malcolm Jenkins of the New Orleans Saints has more tackles than Thomas, and Jenkins is on pace for a career year. However, the Saints also have a very poor defense.

    In theory, you do not necessarily want your safety to be making a huge number of tackles. It means the run defense has holes, and your defensive backs are not always covering their man-to-man assignments.

    Assume that Thomas will be in the mix when it comes time to vote.

Bobby Wagner

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    I think it is safe to say that the Seahawks are happy with their second round pick from the 2012 draft.

    Bobby Wagner has lived up to the hype, and he has quickly become an impact player in this dominant Seattle defense.

    Wagner is still a rookie, so he will not have the benefit of legacy when it comes to making the Pro Bowl.

    Still, he is racking up the tackles, and he has an interception and three sacks.

    You have to assume that Bobby will have some stiff competition, but he may be in the Pro Bowl conversation.

Wishful Thinking

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    There are certainly players on the Seahawks that are having solid years and have made a strong contribution to Seattle's success.

    The reality is that this does not necessarily make them candidates for the Pro Bowl. Some have made big plays, but the numbers are just not there. Again, there are a few who could potentially finish strong and sneak in, but you have to be realistic.

    Here are a couple that will likely be on the outside looking in:

    Sidney Rice: Sidney has made some great catches this year, but he probably will not have the numbers to make the Pro Bowl.

    Golden Tate: The same applies to Golden Tate. Tate is building a nice relationship with Russell Wilson, but he will need to evolve a bit more before he reaches elite status.

    Zach Miller: Miller is having a much better year after a relatively disappointing first season as a Seahawk in 2011. However, he is still well short of players such as Jason Witten and Tony Gonzalez.