WWE vs. TNA: Dream Card No. 5

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2009

WWE and TNA Presents "No Justice" (7-19-09)

This PPV will begin new rivalries among the TNA and WWE superstars. This PPV will also bear witness to the first-ever Steel Asylum Elimination Chamber Match. There will truly be "No Justice" for the competitors competing in that match.

1. Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes vs. Team 3D & Johnny Devine

After taking a month off to heal from the Flaming Tables match at "Battle Brawl," Team 3D returns to get redemption on DiBiase and Rhodes.

Before the match gets official, Team 3D and Devine attack Orton, DiBiase & Rhodes from behind on the ramp way during their entrance. They then begin to spread out all around the arena and begin to fight separately in the crowd. This match just becomes an all-out fight among the six. 

Bubba Ray has Orton, DeVon has DiBiase, & Devine has Rhodes. Team 3D & Devine just begin to beat on Orton and his Legacy using trash cans, chairs, and everything else they have available to them while fighting in the crowd. 

After fighting in the crowd for a good 15 minutes, the six competitors make their way back to the ring and the bell finally rings. While Bubba Ray and Orton wrestles in the ring, Devon and Devine brings out a table from under the ring.

With Bubba Ray in the ring giving orders to Devon & Devine to set up the table, Orton gets poised and when Bubba turns around, Orton RKO's him to get the win for his team. But the carnage isn't over yet.

After the match is over and after DeVon and Devine brought in a the table from under the ring, DiBiase and Rhodes hits DeVon and Devine from behind with two steel chairs numerous times, taking them out.

DiBiase and Rhodes get back into the ring afterwards and sets up the table as Orton demands. Orton grabs Bubba Ray and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Orton then climbs to the top as well and with the table set up, Orton RKO's Bubbah Ray from the top rope and through the table.

Orton and his Legacy stands over Bubba Ray and the broken table, declaring this feud has just begun.

During this part of the night, Todd Grisham interviews Triple H about his WWE Title defense tonight in the first ever Steel Asylum Elimination Chamber Match. Todd asks The Game, "Triple H with the first ever Steel Asylum Elimination Chamber Match happening tonight and with your title up for grabs, what are your thoughts about the match?"

Triple H tells Todd, "You know Todd there's a reason why I am a 13 time World's Champion, I'm the Game and tonight all five of the other competitors finds out why I am. Let the Game begin!"

2. U.S. Title - "The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin vs. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

After the two competitors make their entrance into the ring, the crowd begin to chant "LET'S GO LETHAL" stating they're behind Lethal all the way.

Lethal and Benjamin begin the match very slowly. Benjamin gets the upper first on Lethal and applying the headlock. Lethal is then able to counter Benjamin and turns this match into a chain wrestling type of match up.

Lethal begins to deliver to punches to Benjamin and when Benjamin is weary, Lethal gets a running start but Benjamin catches Lethal and suplexes him over the top rope.

Benjamin follows Lethal and goes outside. He then begin to beat Lethal's head on the ring apron. Benjamin then grabs Lethal rams his ribs and back into the barricade wall three straight times.

After inflicting the damage on Lethal, Benjamin rolls him back into the ring and attempts a cover but Lethal kicks out.

Benjamin now begins to punish the back and ribs on Lethal with vicious and numerous knees shots to those areas. Benjamin then locks in a body scissors on Lethal but Lethal is able to but his foot on the rope.

Benjamin drags Lethal away from the ropes and locks in the Camel Clutch. Lethal passes out and the ref lifts Lethal's arm up twice and the fall back down. Lethal is able to regain his senses and doesn't let his arm fall a third time. Lethal grabs Benjamin, stands up with all his strength, and slams Benjamin on his back. Both men are laid out now.

After both get to their feet at a 8 count, Benjamin throws a right hand but Lethal ducks and hits the Lethal Combination on Benjamin. Lethal goes for the cover but Benjamin kicks out.

Lethal then goes up top to deliver an elbow drop but Benjamin moves and Lethal hits nothing but mat back first. Benjamin gets up and gets ready to deliver a superkick.

When Lethal stands up, Benjamin tries to take Lethal's head off but Lethal ducks the kick and attempts another Lethal Combination.

However, Benjamin blocks the Combination, whips Lethal into the ropes, catches Lethal and then delivers a T-Bone Suplex on Lethal. Benjamin goes for the pin but Lethal gets a shoulder up.

Benjamin then goes to the top rope but Lethal gets up and arm drags Benjamin off the top rope. After 31 minutes of hell and with Benjamin laid out on the mat, Lethal goes back to the top to attempt another elbow drop.

As Lethal leaps now, Benjamin nips up and catches Lethal with The Paydirt out of mid-air and gets the pin to remain U.S. Champion.

3. Parking Lot Brawl: Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

This rules to a Parking Lot Brawl is that the match is contested outside in the Parking Lot and the competitors are surrounded by bunches of cars.

Angle enters the Parking Lot first but his sneak attacked by Cena. Cena wants pay back for that horrendous beating his suffered from Angle last month so Cena begins to choke Angle with a steel chain and just becomes more ruthless are the match processes.

Angle is wearing his regular wrestling gear but with a t-shirt on. Cena is wearing blue jeans, hands taped, and Timberland boots. Cena just rips Angle's shirt off and then rams Angle's head into one of the cars.

Cena then mounts Angle on top of the car and begin to pound and punch Angle's head against the car hood.

Cena then whips Angle into another car and Angle hits back first. Cena then back drops Angle and he lands back first on the concrete floor.

With Angle on the floor, Cena gets on top on a car and drops a "5 Knuckle Shuffle" on Angle, Cena goes for a pin but Angle kicks out. Cena then opens up one of the car doors and prepares to Irish whip Angle into it.

But Angle counters and whips Cena and Cena crashes and breaks the car door off its hinges. Angle finally is able to catch his breath and re-group himself.

Anlge begin to slam Cena's head into one of the cars. Angle then leans Cena up against one of the cars and deliver fury punches to Cena.

After a few punches Cena counters Angle and smashes Angle's head through one of the car windows. Glass shatters everywhere and Angle begins to bleed now. Cena then tosses Angle on top of a car.  

Cena gets on top of the car too but when he does Angle gets up and locks in the ankle lock onto Cena on top of the car. With the blood pouring down his face and onto the car hood, Angle screams at Cena, "Tap you Son of a BI*CH, Just Tap Out or I'm Gonna break your FU*KIN' Ankle!"

Cena is screaming in pain but he able to roll through the ankle lock and counter Angle. Angle then falls off the car and rolls onto the concrete floor. Cena hops down too but still hurt from the ankle lock.

When Cena gets down and heads towards Angle, Angle is able to lock in the ankle lock again and Cena begins to scream in pain again. But Cena is able to roll on his back and shove Angle into a car.

Cena then gets to his feet and lifts Angle up to deliver a FU. Angle is able to wiggle out though and hits the Olympic Slam to Cena on the concrete floor. Angle goes for the pin but somehow Cena kicks out.

Angle sets Cena up and begins to slap Cena while talking trash to him. Out of nowhere though, Cena drop toe holds Angle and locks in the STFU on Angle. Angle is able to rake the eyes of Cena though to make Cena break the hold. Angle gets up and dashes towards Cena.

But Cena catches Angle to deliver a FU but out of nowhere the Parking Lot becomes total darkness. When the lights come back on Angle is on the floor and "The Monster" Abyss is standing behind Cena.

When Cena turns around, Abyss grabs the throat of Cena and chokeslams Cena into one of the car windshields. Cena is now just laying motionless in the broken, shattered, and bloody car windshield. Abyss then walks off camera.

Angle now is able to get to his feet, grabs Cena and drags Cena onto the concrete floor to get the pin and the victory over Cena with help from Abyss. 

After the Parking Lot Brawl and before the next match gets underway, Jeremy Borash catches up with Kurt Angle and asks, "Kurt, what the hell just happened in the Parking Lot Brawl between you and John Cena with Abyss getting involved?"

Kurt answers back, "J.B., I'm a vicious, vicious human being and you just saw why. Now excuse me; I gotta go get my head stitched up." J.B. responds, "Well, what's the deal with you and Abyss?" Kurt just smiles and slams the door in J.B.'s face.

4. Four Team Elimination Match for the World Tag Team Championship: The Miz & John Morrison vs. LAX vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Hardy Boyz

From the start you can see the favorites are the Hardys and LAX. You can tell because Beer Money and Miz and Morrison are playing the roles of the cowardly teams, looking for LAX and the Hardys to do their dirty work while they sneak in and gets the pin after they beat each other down.

Homicide and Jeff Hardy begins the match. Hardy and Homicide walks around the ring trying to get the crowd all fired up before they tie it up. They finally lock up and begin to chain wrestle. After Jeff gets the upper hand and hits the Whisper in the Wind, Jeff goes for the cover but Homicide kicks out.

Jeff then tags in his brother Matt and Matt and Jeff performs a double suplex on Homicide. Matt goes for the pin but Homicide kicks out again. Matt begins to wear down Homicide more.

When Homicide gets his breath, he tries to tag in Miz and Morrison but Miz and Morrison jumps down from the apron avoiding the tag. So finally Homicide tags in Hernandez. Hernandez enters the match all fired up.

He soon hits Matt with a thundering clothesline and also takes out Beer Money Inc. in the process. Hernandez then goes for the tag champs but Miz ducks the the big right hand and hangs up Hernandez on the top rope. 

Robert Roode gets the blind tag on Matt and goes for the quick cover on Hernandez. But Hernandez powers out of the pin. Roode begins to beat on Hernandez now. Roode then sets up Hernandez on the top rope then tags in James Storm. Storm and Roode then hits a double suplex on Hernandez.

Before Storm can get a pin, Homicide enters the ring and begins to fight Storm. The Hardys and Miz and Morrison finally gets involved. With the Hardys, Miz and Morrison fighting on the outside and the referee distracted, Roode and Storm hits LAX with a pair of beer bottles on the back of their heads. Storm covers Hernandez and eliminates LAX.

J. Hardy comes back into the match and begins to fight Storm. They battle for a good seven minutes until Jeff hits the Twist of Fate and heads up top to hit the Swanton. Jeff hits the Swanton to Storm and goes for the cover but Roode interrupts the count. Jeff then clothesline Roode over the top rope.

Jeff then leaps over the top rope onto to Roode to take him out. Matt comes over to finish off Roode. Jeff gets back into the ring but the referee is distracted again by Miz and Morrison, Storm hits a low blow on Jeff. Storm goes for a pin but Jeff kicks out.

Storm then pleads to the ref that Jeff was counted out. Jeff gets to his knees and gets the roll up on Storm (to his surprise) to eliminate Beer Money Inc. Right the elimination, Morrison comes in the match and gets cheap shots on Jeff. Morrison and Miz begins to wear down Jeff with frequent tags.

Morrison goes for his corkscrew neck breaker but Jeff counters and hits a DDT. Jeff finally makes a tag to Matt. Matt hits comes in hits the side effect on Morrison. But Morrison kicks out after a pin attempt by Matt. Matt then scoop slams Morrison to deliver a leg drop.

Matt goes to the top but Morrison moves and Matt misses the leg drop. Morrison and Matt finally makes the their partners. Jeff comes in and backdrops Miz followed by a clothesline. Jeff then goes up top and hits another Whisper in the Wind. Jeff takes his tank top off and goes up top again to hit another Swanton. Jeff hits the Swanton on Miz and attempts a pin but Miz gets a foot on the rope.

However, Morrison grabs a title belt and prepares to hit Jeff with it. As Morrison dashes towards Jeff to hit Jeff with the belt, Jeff sidesteps Morrison, who falls to the outside.

Jeff grabs the Miz to deliver a Twist of Fate but the Miz counters and shoves Jeff into the turnbuckle. Miz gets the roll on Jeff while grabbing the tights to get the win and remain World Tag Champs along with John Morrison.

5. Intercontinental Championship: Samoa Joe vs. Batista

Right out the gate the fans begin to chant "JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU" before these two bulls lock things up. They start out with a Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock to declare a test of strength.

At first, Joe gets the upper hand but slowly Batista powers up and switch things over to his favor. Before Batista can get the knuckle locked in all the way, Joe hits Batista with a shot to the gut.

Joe then throws Batista outside. Joes hits a thunderous German Suplex to Batista on the floor outside. Joes then rolls back in to break the 10-count.

Joe goes back outside and bangs Batista's head off the barricade wall. He then lifts Batista up and drops Batista chest first onto the barricade wall. Joe then rolls Batista back into the ring.

Joe whips off the ropes and hits a hard elbow drop onto Batista. Joe goes for the cover but Batista gets a shoulder up. Joe then begins to hammer Batista's head against the mat then locks in a headlock on Batista. Batista seems like he's going to pass out but Batista breaks the hold. Batista gets on his knees but Joe whips off the ropes again and splashes Batista back first down on the mat again. Joe sees the opportunity and locks in the crossface. Joe begins to torque on the neck and arm of Batista before Batista finally grabs the bottom rope.

Joe pushes Batista into the corner and begin to deliver knee shots and punches to Batista. Joe then sets Batista on the top turnbuckle to deliver the Muscle Buster but Batista fights Joe off and delivers a shoulder tackle from the top rope to Joe. When Joe gets to his feet, Batista hits Joe with a hard spear and goes for a pin but Joe is able to kick out. The match so far has gone 19 minutes.

Batista then whips Joe into the ropes and delivers a spine buster. Batista goes for another pin but Joe kicks out again. Batista rises up and does this thumbs and thumbs down motion to signal the Batista Bomb is next.

Batista gets Joe into the Batista Bomb position but Joe somehow backdrops Batista over the top rope. With Batista outside, Joe gets a running start and leaps over the top rope and dives onto Batista. Joe then throws Batista into the steel ring steps and then tosses Batista back into the ring.

Joe picks up Batista but Batista counters into another spine buster. Batista tosses Joe into a corner and mounts Joe. After deliver fury punches, Joe counters and drops Batista and Batista hits his head on the top of the steel ring post.

Joe then gets behind Batista and locks in the chokehold. After 13 seconds in the submission, Batista surprisingly taps out and Joe remains the IC champ. The match ends after 26 minutes and 38 seconds.

6. Edge & Christian vs. Booker T & Scott Steiner

This match came about after Edge won the "King of the Mountain" and also after when Edge and Christian eliminated Steiner and Booker T two months back in the Battle Brawl. And for the first time in years, Edge and Christian reunite as a team.

Edge and Steiner start off the match. In the early going, Steiner overpowers Edge every time Edge tries to perform a move. Edge then tags in Christian. Christian and Steiner locks it but once again, Steiner overpowers Christian.

Steiner locks in his hand on Christian and belly to belly's Christian. Steiner goes for the pin but Christian kicks out. Steiner then tags in Booker T.  

Booker comes in and takes it to Christian with knife-edge chops and punches. Booker whips Christian into the ropes and sidekicks Christian directly into his chin. With Christian out, Booker applies a headlock.

With the crowd getting behind Christian, Christian gets up to his feet and fights off Booker with elbows to the mid section. After knocking down Booker, Christian goes up top and hits the cross body on Booker. Christian attempts the pin but Booker kicks out. Christian then tags in Edge.

Edge begin to wear down Booker more for the next six minutes or so and just staying in control. After a while, Edge throws Booker over the top rope but Booker hangs onto the apron.

Booker then suplexes Edge from the inside of the ring to the outside of the ring and onto the floor. Booker then drops Edge onto the announce table followed by chops to Edge's chest.

Booker then rolls Edge in the ring. Booker goes to the top rope and its Edge with the Houston Hangover (front flip leg drop). Booker attempts the cover but Edge kicks out. Booker then tags in Steiner.

Steiner locks on the Steiner Recliner to Edge but is able to make it to the ropes. Steiner then whips Edge off the ropes and hits another belly to belly suplex on Edge. With Edge laid out, Steiner gets on the mat and taunts Edge by performing a few push ups. Steiner again whips Edge into the ropes again but Edge reveres and powerslams Steiner. Edge goes for the pin but Steiner powers out. Edge then tags in Christian.

Christian scoop slams Steiner and then goes to the top turnbuckle. Christian hits the frog splash on Steiner and goes for the pin but again Steiner kicks out. Christian then picks Steiner up but Steiner counters Christian and runs Christian's shoulder into the steel ring post. 

Steiner then sets up Christian on the top turnbuckle. Steiner follows and hits the Frankensteiner on Christian. Steiner goes for the pin but Christian Kicks out. Steiner tags Booker back into the match.

As Booker attempts the Bookend on Christian, Christian counters Booker with elbows to the head and hits Booker with the Kill Switch (unprettier). Christian goes for the pin but Steiner comes in and interrupts the count.

Edge comes in and clothesline Steiner over the top rope. Christian rolls out of the ring and grabs two steel chairs. Christian keeps one gives the other to Edge. As they attempt to con-chair-to Booker, Mick Foley comes down and distracts Edge. Edge rolls out of the ring and smashes Foley with the chair.

All the while with the referee distracted, Booker hits a low blow on Christian and scissor kicks Christian onto the steel chair. Booker slides the chair out of the ring and gets the pin over Christian. Edge comes back to check on Christian. Edge then stares down Booker, Steiner, and Foley, but particularly Foley.

7. TNA Heavyweight Championship - AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker

After their match last month, AJ demanded a rematch and the Undertaker accepted it. The match starts off totally different then their last encounter. Undertaker comes out very fierce and ready to put Styles in his place.

'Taker begins to punish the arm on Styles and just ripping and pulling on it. Undertaker then goes to the top rope and hits old school on Styles.

Undertaker goes for a pin but Styles gets a shoulder up. Undertaker then sets int he arm bar on Styles. After a little while in the submission, Styles makes it to the rope.

As Styles gets up, 'Taker runs and clothesline Styles over the top rope. With Styles on the outside, Undertaker whips off the rope and dives over the top rope and crashes into Styles on the outside.

Undertaker then gets and picks up Styles and slams his back into the steel ring post. After two more shots into the steel ring post, Undertaker rolls Styles back into the ring.

Undertaker pulls Styles' head over the edge of the ring. Undertaker gets on the apron and hits the huge leg drop on Styles on the apron of the ring. 'Taker then gets back into the ring.

Undertaker begins to pummel Styles back in the ring. After a while, 'Taker sets AJ on the top turnbuckle and superplexes AJ from the top rope. Undertaker goes for the cover but Styles kicks out.

Undertaker then puts Style into the Last Ride position and when he lifts AJ up, Styles hops down and dropkicks Undertaker over the top rope. With 'Taker on the outside, Styles gets a running start and flips over the top rope and takes down the Undertaker.

When Styles gets up he starts to clear off an announce table. AJ then beats Undertaker's head into the announce table and places 'Taker on the table. AJ climbs onto the top as well and places undertaker in the Styles Clash position.

Styles is then able to his the Styles Clash on the Undertaker through the announce table. AJ finally gets up and rolls 'Taker back into the ring. Styles attempts the cover but Undertaker gets a shoulder up.

AJ then goes on the outside and onto the apron. When AJ jumps onto and then leaps off the top rope to hit Undertaker with the forearm smash, Undertaker catches AJ and hits the chokeslam on AJ. 'Taker then sits up and stand up.

He cuts his throat signalling that the end is near. As Undertaker lifts AJ up to deliver the Tombstone, AJ wiggles out and as 'Taker turns around AJ hits the Pele Kick to Undertaker. AJ goes for the pin but 'Taker gets a foot on the rope.

AJ in disbelief that 'Taker didn't stay down for the three-count, he puts the Undertaker into the Tombstone position but 'Taker counters and hits his Tombstone on AJ. 'Taker goes for the pin but shockingly AJ kicks out of the Undertaker's Tombstone.

Undertaker then attempt to hit the Tombstone again but AJ is able to wiggle out and rolls up the Undertaker but 'Taker kicks out.

AJ then gets a head of steam and whips off the rope to cross body the Undertaker, but 'Taker catches AJ, turns him up and hits another Tombstone on AJ. And this time AJ stays down for a 3 count and Undertaker remains the TNA Champion.

8. Steel Asylum Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship

Triple H vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Sting vs. Abyss vs. Chris Jericho

The rules to this match are that you use the same basic rules and structure of an Elimination Chamber Match except there is a hole at the top of the chamber.

There are two ladders hung up on the chamber walls. When it comes down to the final two, they must use the ladders and climb out of the hole to win.

Two men starts the match and every four minutes at random a new opponent enters the match from of their internal chambers.

Abyss and Triple H starts the match with Jarrett, HBK, Sting, and Jericho being locked in their individual chambers. Abyss begins to punish Triple H for the first four minutes of the match.

At one point power slamming Triple H onto the steel floor outside of the ring. And also making Triple H bleed after throwing Triple H into the steel chamber wall. The first man to enter the match is Chris Jericho. Jericho attacks Abyss from behind while using a headlock on Abyss.

Triple H then gets to his feet and along with Jericho begin to double team Abyss. After double suplexing Abyss, Jericho and Triple H tosses Abyss over the top rope and onto the steel floor.

Triple H and Jericho then give a hard Irish whip to Abyss into the steel, chained, chamber wall. They then toss Abyss back into the ring.

Once back in the ring, Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho onto Abyss while Triple H applies the crossface. After 16 seconds in the Walls and the crossface, the next guy to enter is Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett comes in and clothesline Jericho then kicks Triple H. Jarrett begins to punch Jericho while Abyss takes care of Triple H.

When Jarrett gets a head of steam, he dashes towards Jericho, but Jericho counters and backdrops Jarrett onto the steel floor.

When Jericho goes outside to meet Jarrett, Jarrett counters Jericho and rams Jericho head into the chained, chamber wall followed by the Stroke on the steel floor, And that then bust opens Jericho.

The next man to enter is HBK. HBK and Triple H team up and begin to fight Abyss while Jarrett begins to fight Jericho on the outside. HBK and Triple H begins to grind Abyss' face into the chained wall which lacerates Abyss.

Meanwhile, Jarrett throws Jericho through one of the empty glass chambers. Triple H and HBK throws Abyss back into the ring. The final guy to enter is Sting.

Triple H meets Sting before Sting can get completely out of the chamber pod. Triple H then goes for the Pedigree on Sting on the steel floor but Sting counters and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock to Triple H on the outside of the ring.

Somehow, Triple H rolls on his back and shoves Sting into the chamber pod. Triple H gets up and then delivers a DDT to Sting on the steel floor, which busts open Sting.

Triple H then comes back in the ring and spine busters Abyss. HBK then climbs to the top of one of the chambers and hits the elbow drop onto Abyss from the top of the chamber pod.

HBK then nips up and begins to warm up Sweet Chin Music. HBK hits Abyss with Sweet Chin Music followed by a Pedigree from Triple H. Triple H gets eliminates Abyss. Triple H goes back outside to beat on Sting some more.

With Jericho still laying in the broken chamber pod, Jarrett comes back into the ring and begins to fight HBK. Jarrett is able to get the upper hand and apply the figure leg lock on HBK but HBK is able to get to the rope.

After Jarrett gets to his feet, Jericho returns to the ring and hits the codebreaker on Jarrett. HBK then climbs to the top rope and hits the elbow drop on Jarrett. HBK then begins to warm up Sweet Chin Music again. 

As he tries to knock Jarrett's teeth down his throat, Jarrett ducks and Shawn hits Jericho with Sweet Chin Music. Jarrett then hits the Stroke on HBK to eliminate him.

When Jarrett tries to hit the Stroke on Jericho, Triple H comes from behind and hits Jarrett in the back. Triple H then tries to go for the Pedigree but Jarrett counters and catapults Triple H over the top rope and onto the steel floor.

Jericho then gets up and tries to lock in the Wall of Jericho on Jarrett. But Jarrett counters and gets the small cradle on Jericho to eliminate him. The final three now are Triple H, Sting, and Jarrett.

Jarrett begins to fight Triple H on the outside. Somehow Sting is able to get back in the ring and he grabs Jarrett from behind and tosses him back into the ring and delivers the Scorpion Death Drop onto Jarrett. That eliminates Jarrett, and it is now down to Sting and Triple H as the final two.

Triple H and Sting begin to have a slugfest in the middle of the ring. Sting then whips Triple H off the ring ropes but Triple H reverses and hits the spine buster on Sting.

Triple H then goes outside and brings in a ladder. He positions the ladder above the hole and begins to climb. But Sting tips over the ladder and Triple H falls onto the top rope.

Sting then places Triple H in the corner and delivers the Stinger Splash onto Triple H. Triple H falls to the mat and sting begins to climb the ladder.

Sting makes it to the top but Triple H moves the ladder from under Sting and Sting just hangs from the top of the chamber. When Sting falls, Triple H catches him with a kick to the gut and delivers a Pedigree to Sting.

Triple H then places the ladder back under the hole and begins to climb the ladder. Sting gets to his feet but he is so weaken now to climb the ladder and when you think Sting has a chance to stop Triple H, Sting just collapses before he can even get near the ladder.

Triple H finally makes it to the top and climbs out of the hole to retain his WWE Championship.


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