Playoff Hopes Under the Sun for Phoenix?

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2009

With about a month left on the NBA calender, teams are starting to get into gear for the intense atmosphere of the playoffs. Teams like the Lakers, Cavs, and Magic the rest of the season is basically practice for whats next. 

The Suns? Not so much.

The Suns are fighting for their playoff lives, and it doesn't get any easier. The next four games are against teams that are above .500 and two of the four are at home. The Nuggets, Jazz twice, and the Blazers. All teams that are trying to move up in the seedings and are playing very top notch basketball.

What makes it even more difficult is the recent injury to former sixth man of the year, Leandro Barbosa. Barbosa is expected to miss three weeks. Basically, if the Suns don't make it into the playoffs, he's done for the year.

You have Amare Stoudemire gone for the season, which then leaves you with Shaq, Nash, Hill, and Richardson.

Let's take a look here first. Shaq, franchise player, four NBA championships, Former MVP. Steve Nash, Former MVP franchise player. Grant Hill, former franchise player. Jason Richardson, Franchise type of player, Dunk contest winner. (Not throwing in Amare, as he is inactive.)

You have four guys who are all former and current franchise players. They all well averaged over 17 PPG. With the attention from the Media in the past, it gets stuck in their head, they are all that. These guys cannot play together. Their egos come into play, not their heads.

Questions are thrown around everywhere, who takes the big game winning shot, who do we give it to when we are down and need a basket? All of those four players are the answers. Nash did the big shooting for the Suns of '05-'06, Shaq was the end receiver of ally-oops from Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade when needed a big boot.

Jason Richardson was the man in Charlotte, Grant hill was the heart of the offense in Detroit.

Now you bring these players together to win a championship. It frankly does not work one persons play will effect the others, in a negative way or positive. From what I have seen, it has been negative.

For these suns to win a championship they need role players behind their franchise player like Raja Bell and Boris Diaw were, and players like Shaq and Jason Richardson have to big of an ego to be role players.

Phoenix better wait a good few years to see another postseason appearance. Their time is long gone, opportunity vanquished.