Golf, Why We Go Back

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Golf, Why We Go Back
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Today, Mar. 21, 2009, I played my third round of golf for the year. My third round in five days as a matter of fact. I live in Northwest Pennsylvania, so to be able to golf three rounds of nine-hole golf in late March is pretty good, I think.

Actually, the golf course which my two friends and I golfed today wasn't even open, but the fairways are clear and as well are the greens.

Good enough for me!

Wednesday, it was a gorgeous day, upper 50's, sunny, mild wind, you couldn't beat the weather. My friend and i golfed for the first time this year. I'm not good, I realize this. Anyway, we played, and I shot a 58. Ha, ha.

Yes, a 58, in nine holes. Obviously my handicap is somewhere between 20-26, but I had some good shots, ya know. My drives were fairly down the middle, or just off the fairway. Hit a few trees, but got some lucky bounces.

But I could not, for the life of me, hit my irons. I kept topping the ball, or slicing it severely to the right. Just down right terrible. Putting was okay.

Thursday, it was a little colder, mid-40's, windy, my hands were frozen, but we golfed, the sun was out, we're golfing! Today, still driving the ball well, and actually hitting with my irons better today. Found an old friend in my seven iron.

It's been years since I've effectively used this club other than to create divots out of anger. I also remembered how to use my three and five wood on the fairways. But alas, today I can't putt for, well, you know.

I did get a good laugh though, my golfing partner, who never loses his temper, threw his club and broke it. That was awesome!! Needless to say, I stunk, and shot a 62.

Saturday, another beautiful, low 50's if the wind isn't blowing, day. My previous two days were, average for me, especially just starting the year out. So i expected to be about the same, which my friends are equally as bad.

But not today, my fellow Bleacher Report readers and writers, I was driving the ball exceptionally well.

On all the fairways, with the help of two trees on two holes. If I missed a fairway, I got my favorite punch-and-run club, or as my friend and I call it, the P & R club, out, and effectively got out of trouble and back on the fairway.

My irons, three, and five wood, out on the fairways, magnificent! I was on the green with a chance for par, in six of nine holes and putted in three times from a distance of 10 feet or farther.

I ended up shooting a record low for me, a 48! First time I ever shot in the 40's!

I am now feeling confident I'm improving, after one game. But it's amazing to me, that you stink it up one day or two in my case. You work on every stroke, focusing on your swing, your stance, and by the way, I've obviously never taken lessons.

But you take your time, be patient, don't hurry your swing, try and do all the little things right. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. But when you finally see results of all the times playing, failing, making a miraculous shot out of nowhere.

Make an unbelievable putt that you made look easy> Man it feels great.

Why do we, as golfers, no matter what the level you are at, go back? Because it's a beautiful, fun sport. And when you finally play the way you know you're capable of playing, and you put it all together, for even one game, it feels amazing. I can't wait to play again.

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