WWE TLC 2012: Why CM Punk Will Defeat Ryback in the WWE Title Match

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 2, 2012


Apparently, numbers mean everything to the WWE.

By the time CM Punk steps into the ring with Ryback at TLC, he will add to his reign as the WWE Champion and further cement himself as one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time.

Personally, I could think of others who could give the title more credibility, but Punk is the “Chosen One” for now and the writers and brass of the WWE have gone out of their way to make sure the sullen and “disrespected one” keeps the title around his waist as he ascends up the ladder of champions and their tenure while holding the belt.

This marks the third time Ryback will attempt to take the title from Punk. He was thwarted twice in his attempts by outside circumstances, which also means the chance of the “Big Hungry” winning the title is slim to none right now.

The WWE has a good thing going for itself with Punk, Paul Heyman and the new NXT invasion stable known as “The Shield.” A sudden shift in the course of direction the company has laid out for itself would be foolish, mainly because all roads lead to The Rock and Punk meeting at some point in the future, with all probability at The Royal Rumble.

It is also assumed that if it had not been for John Cena’s elbow injury, Ryback would be toiling against two opponents at once or maybe challenging The Miz for the Intercontinental Title or maybe Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title.

In other words, Ryback is good and his gimmick is working, but he is a contender based on circumstance.

In many cases over years wrestlers like Ryback have “risen” to title contention through circumstance and thrived while others who have failed (Charlie Cook became a title contender in Florida when most of the major stars were out of the state).

And then there are those who could not grab the brass ring when it was in reach and changed their stripes (Barry Windham became a member of the Four Horsemen after he could not beat Ric Flair for the NWA Title).

Most of all, Ryback is the wild card this company does not know enough about, yet. Can he carry the company on his back? Does he have marketability like Cena or Punk or Goldberg or Batista?

What kind of shelf life does he have? Is he here for the long term and if so, when does someone like Kane or Big Show or even Brock Lesnar get in the ring with him and “better” him?

All these questions are great, but they also prove how vulnerable the WWE could be if they put the strap on the neophyte.

The biggest reason Punk will win at TLC is simple; he is the safe bet and the one who can benefit more from the win. And in the land of professional wrestling, that is all that matters.